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[Item Issue] - Dark Initiate's Robe, Bugged...Coattails?

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[Item Issue] - Dark Initiate's Robe, Bugged...Coattails?

Rhyft's Avatar

07.03.2013 , 09:10 AM | #1
Just wondering, but is it intended for the "coattails" (can't think of anything better to call them) on the Dark Initiate's Robe to...defy gravity? Found a pic to explain what part I'm referring to.

They hang properly in a resting stance as pictured, but the moment I (Consular/Shadow) draw my lightsaber/crouch, they appear to stick to the backs of my character's thighs. It's an awkward look, and I was simply wondering if this is working as intended or if a fix will be implemented to have them function like other, similar items do.