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Voice of the emperor

eliseonar's Avatar

06.28.2019 , 10:56 PM | #1
I've been stuck on this boss named Voice of the emperor for 3 hours spamming buttons trying to get his health down, but everything i do is trash and he just keeps parrying and healing himself so it's basically impossible to beat him. I just wanted some tips on how to beat him if anyone knows.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

06.29.2019 , 08:41 AM | #2
If he's parrying, that probably means you're a long way under the recommended level. Go away and level up some more.

Remind us, though of *which* Voice of the Emperor you're talking about, because there are at least two different ways to end up fighting him.

1. Sith Warrior in the Dark Heart on Voss.

2. Jedi Knight in an instanced version of Kaas City and the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas.

In general terms, in any tough fight, make sure that:
* Your companion's Influence rank is good. 1 is not good, 50 is beyond superb. Somewhere in between is a minimum Influence that will get you enough aid to help you, and a maximum that will get your companion focussed and killed if you go beyond it. If you aren't playing well ("spamming buttons" in your post suggests strongly that this is the case), the maximum is significantly lower than if you are playing well.
* Your companion is set the Heal role. This is the normal state these days, but it's worth checking. Look at the bottom edge of the companion's portrait (normally lower-left corner of the screen), and see if there's a small green symbol there. If not, right click the portrait and use the pop-up menu to set the mode to heal.
* You are sufficiently high level to be able to hurt foes. (It sounds like currently you are not.)
* Your gear is in good condition (find any vendor of anything, and press the repair all button lower left).
* Your gear is strong enough. These days, that's pretty easy, but I've seen some things you wouldn't believe, like the guy who was stuck on the orbital station above Quesh because he wasn't high enough level to take the mission that unlocks access to the shuttle to go down to the surface.
* You know what your abilities do and how to use them, in what order, with which ones held in reserve for emergencies (e.g. the ones that interrupt a foe's ability that it is casting). Again, it sounds like this isn't the case, seeing as how you describe your end of the fight as "spamming buttons".
* When the enemy casts red (occasionally very pale blue-white) circles, wedges, or stripes on the floor, get out of the zone as soon as you can.
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