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Today , 10:07 AM | #10121
Quote: Originally Posted by JediQuaker View Post
I had an interesting MM Legacy of the Rakata run the other day.

Started with 2 vets - me and the tank - and 2 new-to-LotR MM players - the other dps and the healer. It had also been a while since I did it in MM.

Things went alright until the Rancor boss. During this fight, the healer was having a hard time keeping up with the damage and cleansing the 'freeze' from the 'fire guy'.
As time went on, it got better - for example, I started to remember to use Hunker Down to prevent getting stuck in the fire - but after the second (or maybe 3rd) wipe, the healer quit.
So, since I had just recently jacked Z0-0M up to level 50, I took Z0-0M out and we finished the FP without much further problem. Z0-0M seems to very good at 'cleansing'.
(I had boosted Z0-0M so I could run some tests. The test confirmed to me that in most cases, Z0-0M isn't any better than any other companion. But it is situational to some extent.)
A friend of mine and myself had something similar this week.

LotR, MM. A fairly new player was part of the group. He only did this flashpoint once on mastermode. Another groupmember was only in 286 gear.

We kicked them both right at the start and finished the flashpoint with companions. After reading your story, i guess, we saved us from some wipes and unnecessary repair cost.
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