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Gearing - armouring mods and enhancements - scrapper spec

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Gearing - armouring mods and enhancements - scrapper spec

looneybinjim's Avatar

01.20.2020 , 01:43 AM | #1
Hey guys, Iíve recently came back and got my scoundrel to max level. Iíve got his i lvl to 305 and pushing for 306.

I need to start considering end game gear, but I canít seem to find a decent up to date guide. Iíd like Info on stat weights, and which armouring mods and enhancements for each gear slot. Is there anything like that around?


Iymurra's Avatar

01.24.2020 , 11:18 PM | #2
Not really.

Theres a 6.0 guide for PvP concealment which has some of the information you're looking for. But I've got no idea where that guide ended up.

Gearing is majorly simplified from how it was in 1.0/2.0.
Get your alacrity to either 1213 or 3206 (or above, not below). Pick up 1593 points in Accuracy. Then dump the rest of your stats into crit.

If you're running PvE Crit is better than Power for augments. If you're doing PvP I'm not sure but I'd guess its the same.

Which armoring you pick up is less important than the amplifier on the armoring.
For Concealment you want Tech Wizardry. For Lethality you want Periodic Intensity.

Edit: someone posted this link for the 6.0 concealment guide as I was typing out this message.

BanPearson's Avatar

01.31.2020 , 07:37 AM | #3
For PvE:

Reaching 110 % accuracy, not overcapping too much, is crucial. Afford ONE BiS accuracy augment as your first expensive buy, newest accuracy stim, and get the rest with the correct mix of 306, 285 endurance, R-...-number enhancements (e. g. 1x 80R-4, 1x 80R-15, 1x 80R-19, but just fiddle with whatever you find).

Must reach 1213 Alacrity! If a little lower, the GCD stays at 1.5 s; everything higher does not help the GCD and you have few cast/channels. (Exception: If you get alacrity boost from guild perk in certain, limited instances, then swap things around if you feel like optimising for that situation.) Use no augments for that, just the correct 306, 285 endurance R-...-number enhancements.

Rest is probably crit, as much as possible. That means all crit augments, and as the previous poster pointed out, here it is fine to stick with the good, old 228s, saving a lot of money and losing very little.

I recommend 3xcrit for implants & ear, because it is a little easier to balance alacrity & accuracy with enhancements only.

Crit proc relic for all content. Other slot: Mastery proc for instances that don't cap mastery, e. g. Dxun OP, pvp, uprisings, latest FP. For everything else (e. g. old FPs, old OPs, planets) there is no great choice. Clicky Alacrity perhaps?