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Upcoming Swoop Biker Rally Event: Things I Hope to See

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Upcoming Swoop Biker Rally Event: Things I Hope to See

Nick_J_Herrmann's Avatar

04.11.2020 , 07:10 PM | #1
Yesterday, Charles Boyed posted on the forums that the newly relabeled Game Update 6.1.2, targeted for release this June, will feature "a unique new in-game event that will join the weekly rotating schedule alongside Dantooine, Gree, etc. The event will be themed around the ultimate Swoop biker rally spread across multiple planets in the SWTOR galaxy."

As someone that principally roleplays in SWTOR and enjoys the game for its masterfully-developed setting and story, I'm tremendously excited that BioWare is introducing this key element into the game, which featured so prominently in KOTOR and KOTOR II.

Here are just a few off-the-top-of-my-head things I'll be watching out for when the event is revealed.


  • Black Vulkars / Hidden Beks. These two Tarisian swoop gangs figured prominently right at the start of KOTOR. The fate of these gangs following Darth Malak's bombardment of the planet is left unaddressed. It'd be neat to get a Codex entry or something during the upcoming event that provides some details on the fate of these organizations.
  • Lhosan Industries. A Taris-based swoop bike manufacturing corporation. I seem to recall this organization featured more often in the KOTOR-era comics. It'd be neat to see BioWare address the fate of the company following the Mandalorian Wars.
  • Motta the Hutt. BioWare cares about the characters it creates. That should be irrefutably evident to all players since the release of Jedi Under Siege, which saw the return of Malora as a Darth and member of the Dark Council, who had previously been a minor footnote in the stories of the Sith Warrior and Inquisitor, and the stunning return of Darth Savik as her replacement, whom players defeated in the original game on Corellia and left for dead as just another NPC. The creative team at BioWare has this masterful ability to take these formerly obscure characters and re-inject a sense of relevance into every NPC you ever encountered anywhere in the game. So I think it would be astonishing if we got to see the return of Motta the Hutt in the upcoming event. Motta appeared in KOTOR as a minor Hutt crime boss who ran the swoop races on Tatooine. There were some light and dark side dialogue options associated with the character, but none that called for his death. Since Hutts have an average lifespan of 1,000 years, and it's only been a little over 300 years since Revan entered his races on Tatooine, I think it would be just the coolest thing to see this character make another appearance in the TOR franchise.


Charles Boyd mentioned in his post that the event will be spread across multiple planets in the SWTOR galaxy. In both KOTOR and KOTOR II, swoop races were available to the players on three planets. In KOTOR, the planets were:
  • Taris
  • Tatooine
  • Manaan

In KOTOR II, the planets were:
  • Telos IV
  • Onderon
  • Nar Shaddaa

Conveniently, five of the six planets that hosted swoop races in the two previous games are already accessible planets in the game! I don't doubt that at least some of those five planets will be host to the event's swoop races. Players have, in fact, already confronted Kintan Kings swoop thugs on Nar Shaddaa.

It will be interesting to see how the mechanics of the upcoming event work. I don't know if the swoop race tracks are going to be constructed around existing areas, if new environments are being constructed that will always be accessible (like Dantooine), or if they will have limited accessibility (like the Rakghoul Tunnels), or if you simply talk to an NPC on a planet and are transported into a space missions-like instance. It will be neat to see.


This may be mostly applicable to RPers, but there are in fact already some character outfits and mounts in-game that players can start procuring that are themed around Star Wars swoop racing.
  • Black Vulkar Swooper Armor Set
  • Lhosan Industries-manufactured mounts (Duster, JY-83, LC-4, Manta, Maverick, Nexu, Racer, Razor, Stinger, Thunderbolt, Torch)
  • Other swoop mounts: Lucky-77 Swoop, Malicious Harbinger Swoop, Rishi Outlaw Swoop

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

04.12.2020 , 02:09 AM | #2
I have my doubts about them being *races* (especially PvP races) rather than *time trials*.

The difference is that in a PvP race, you compete against other players, whereas in a time trial you compete against the clock. A PvP race will be plagued by network desynchronisation issues similar to something I've seen here at home:

I have two PCs right next to each other, set up so that I can see both screens and reach both keyboards from one chair. They are both on Ethernet rather than WiFi and they share the same fibre Internet connection and 24ms server ping. I've recently been using a second account on the second PC to pump Social points for my main account through Black Talon or Esseles, and I observed something interesting.

With one hand on each keyboard, I could clearly see that each machine's character was ahead of the other machine's character. In a PvP speeder race, the same would be true - I would think that I'm in the lead, while you would think that you were in the lead. That's fine until we cross the finish line, where I think I'm ahead and you think you're ahead...

Who would win in such a case? What would stop the forums from being instantly buried in so much vitriol that we would drown *before* it burned the flesh off our bones?

Racing against NPCs or against the clock would eliminate *that* problem.

Final thought. Before you raise the point of mount races in GW2, it's worth noting that they are little more than a bit of fun, albeit with some participation achievements (but you don't *have* to win for them).

All that said, I think it's a cool idea, even without the associations with the KOTOR games, and that yes, they should probably try to tie it to the old locations as much as possible. (The swoop track on Taris is still there, although it's in spectacularly poor condition these days.)
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