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Someone has to take your spot when you leave

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Someone has to take your spot when you leave

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02.20.2013 , 12:49 PM | #41
I would not do a debuff but put a 45 minute or so wait time on those who quit before they can que again.

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02.20.2013 , 02:16 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Maraxuss View Post
I don't see why people don't see this debuff coming. Swtors taken many of its systems and designs from WoW, no one can deny that. If anyone remembers wow, it was a 30 min debuff for leaving a pvp zone....and that even includes THE YEARS where there were 40 alliance vs 15 horde in alterac valley, and all horde wanted to leave and re-que because it was fruitless. (though eventually it evened back out after the lich king came out)
yes. they do implement a lot of things that wow has. on the other hand, how well did that quitter debuff work in wow? it didn't. ppl quit left and right. 30m? ok. I'll hop on one of my other 10 toons. 30m? great. I'll get some lunch. 30m? ha! I need to gather some mats for XYZ.

meanwhile, swtor will just crash or boot you out of wz with no warning. sorry bud, but a quitter debuff is a proven fail.

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02.20.2013 , 03:27 PM | #43
Tell EA to allow PUG vs PUG PVP.

Almost all quits are because of gross imbalance.

People pay money to EA for a chance to play a fun game.

EA has failed miserably at their responsibiltiy.

This imbalance is getting worse and not better.

I never used to quit WZs and now even I do.

So fux all the people whining at the players... IT IS EAs dam fault!
EA/BW: Please FIRE all who worked on PVP for incompetence. Thx.
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02.20.2013 , 03:32 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by ktkenshinx View Post
This kind of ethical and interpersonal arguments against leaving a warzone is way, way more compelling/interesting than those of the "man up bro" and "take your licks" variety. Arguments in the latter category are just strangely misplaced in regards to SWTOR pug PvP; people that need to prove their ability to "man up" in a video game need to be finding other hobbies. They are also generally irrational.

But the moral arguments introduce a new and interesting element to the puzzle: The other human beings in your game. And as you might suspect, there are no simple answers. It all depends on what your own ethical orientations are.

Some people might think that your own needs come before those of others, and for them, the conversation would end right there. Others might go the way of Kant (at least in his simplest form) and assume that any behavior we can't universalize is a behavior that we shouldn't engage in.This is also a version of our esteemed "Golden Rule" (Do unto others as you would have done unto you, etc.), a principle that is surely relevant here. We could also pick up a utilitarian calculus to judge this behavior, approving of actions that enable the greatest good with the least harm. Or countless other moral guidelines from countless other moral systems.

Without getting into a really gratuitous argument about what ethical system is best, we can't really make a good judgment about leaving a WZ, even if the idea is very interesting.

But what I will say is this (even if it's a bit utilitarian without paying enough respect to other theories): The person who fills in for you is probably being harmed less than the person who sticks around. The guy who backlogs for you? He shrugs, maybe cusses "**** a losing WZ!", and then just leaves the game; because he joined the game late anyway, he feels no agency in its loss and no investment in its outcome. So he will just requeue having wasted very little time and experiencing very little frustration. Or maybe he loves the uphill fight so he stays around to play it out! In that case, you did him a favor.

For you, however, by remaining in the WZ and wasting your own time on a thoroughly unenjoyable activity, you incur a big hit to your own happiness. Your own loss of happiness, not to mention 10 minutes of your time, is comparatively much larger than the minor frustration and wasted 60 seconds experienced by the backlogger.

It's not the ONLY way to view the ethical problem, but it is definitely one way to do so.
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