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Operative Stealth Blankit.

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Operative Stealth Blankit.

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02.20.2013 , 01:46 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Polymerize View Post
I'm chilling in P-Chem right now bored out of mind so I will introduce a topic.
sir, i wish you luck. p-chem nearly destroyed me

as far as the operative group stealth, i think it is like 8m and it only reduces your movement speed to what it normally is in combat (since you are out of combat when in stealth, you just lose the 15% run buff we all get).

its hard to keep a whole group in it tho, as this game has some real bad issues with server/client position syncing. you might see yourself right next to the operative on your screen, but the server might think he is farther away from you, and you will drop out of stealth.
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02.20.2013 , 02:57 PM | #12
I've seen a handful of people on the Smuggler forums say Smuggle (infiltrate) is one of the worst PVP abilities, which I just shake my head at. It's extremely powerful for moving in a small group for a surprise attack.

The tooltip reads that it puts all members within 10 meters of you into stealth. I don't know why but I was under the assumption that it's only 3 other people that can benefit from it. I'll test it out later I guess. With the enforcer 2 piece set bonus you gain an extra 5 seconds on the duration, giving you 20 seconds total.

The only map I don't really use smuggle on is huttball. Unless you want to piss off your team, smuggle them right out of the gate so they are slow to get to mid... always good to get your team's heart rates amped up at the beginning of the match


On offense I like to take a group of people to 1 side. In a pug I just go up to the powerup then cut to the side I want to go. With guildies we might drop down on that side from the beginning or go a different path, because at the powerup you can get awed (or pulled into combat in other ways) pretty easily. With this strategy you're trying to get them to overload the side you aren't on. A smuggle will last long enough to get all the way to the door, then I'll use my own stealth and go back to slow anyone trying to rotate from the other side while a teammate caps.

As someone else mentioned, another good time to smuggle is crossing the bridge. You just have to be careful for Sorcs who can see 1 visible teammate but catch all your stealthers with their knockback.

On defense I use it after we drop down from the holding area. Since I'm a healer I use my HOTs to time when I should cast it. I cast 3, sometimes 4 HOTs on the team after we get out of the door before smuggling.


I've started using smuggle at the beginning of the match right when we get to the hut. My old strategy was to go into stealth right there and try to get a quick cap on the hut myself. Now I'm hoping that with stealth our guardians can jump to their team, or our sages can get their rooted knockbacks off first, plus I still get to sneak in and capture the node.

It's also good for attacking the offnode. The only thing I dislike about novare compared to civil war is the sight lines and distances between nodes are so much longer my smuggle usually runs out before I get there. You just have to do a good job timing when you use it and which route you are going to take to get there.

Civil War

It's really fun to take 2 dps with you and attack an offnode. Send everyone on your team to one node so they freak out calling incs there, then explode out of stealth and kill the 1, maybe 2, defenders left at the weak node.


Sometimes i'll smuggle our team into mid at the beginning, just for the surprise attack. Still up in the air about that. Otherwise I only use it to try to steal the enemy's node if we need it, and only then if I'm taking a non-stealther with me.

Those are about all of the situations I can come up with at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do it differently, or other times to use smuggle, I'd be glad to hear them, I'm always trying to improve.