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Legacy gear suggestions

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04.04.2014 , 09:59 PM | #1
Like a lot of players who have been on the game since launch, I have a lot of alts. I have completed the story for every class, and I've even re-rolled every class to play as a different gender. Now that I have two different characters in a parallel class at 55 (female sniper, male gunslinger), I've begun using legacy gear so I can have a full set of 78s for both characters without having to grind it twice.

So now that I've begun looking into those legacy sets in the game, I soon realized that they're really, really limited. 75% of them have a heavy armor look - ie trooper or bounty hunter style. This would be fine if the only toon I wanted to trade legacy gear with was my vanguard or merc, but where are the robes for my jedi? Where's Han-solo space pirate gear for my gunslinger? After searching through pretty much every legacy set I did remember that I had the star forager jacket which, while hideous in it's default state, looks like a leather jacket with some strategic brown dye. But the Star Forager jacket is literally the only smuggler-style garment among the legacy gear.

So in thinking about legacy gear, I had some suggestions:

1) For the next legacy gear you add to the game, add some of the vintage gear sets. I am particularly fond of the old pvp Battlemaster and Champion sets. To have them made into purchasable legacy gear would be heaven to me. Or even better, on something like the Champion knight chest, if you made a legacy chest with that shape and coloring, but left off the backpack and the shoulder pad? That would be AMAZING, and that would be a way to differentiate the gear from the vintage sets if you wanted. You could also do Columi and Rakata legacy sets, as I know there are some people nostalgic for them.

2) To date, Bioware has done almost nothing for the people who bought the collector's edition sets of the game. The collector's edition store was supposed to be updated monthly with new stuff. It's almost never updated, and what it contains is pretty lame. Why not start releasing legacy sets for that store to show collectors your appreciation? This might be a good place to release a vintage legacy set or several as described above.

3) Make the Cartel reputation vendors' gear be legacy gear. It blows my mind a bit that Bioware makes it so difficult to build up the reputation for those vendors (and adds a new reputation tier with each new pack), and yet doesn't make that gear bound to legacy. Those pieces would add so much variety to the legacy pool. Please do it, Bioware!

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04.05.2014 , 08:21 PM | #2
One more thing I forgot to add, that would help legacy gear a lot: Unlock the class legacy gear that you buy on your capital planet, so that any class can wear it. It's the most nonsensical thing in the game, that you would create legacy gear that can be worn by, say, a Jedi knight and only a Jedi knight. In addition to being tied to a specific armor class instead of adaptive! I expect that this gear was created before Bioware's design team really though Legacy gear through and considered what it might be used for. I think it's time that gear got updated. Having that gear be wearable by all classes and be adaptive would add so much for those of us with multiple alts.

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04.06.2014 , 02:32 AM | #3
About collection edition - this is a standart prectic in any MMO what all collection edition wersion hase a limited bonus list and will not updating in future. Because you buying collection edition one time only and getting bonuses one time, but you should be glad what its a special vendor, for example: TESo collection edition providing bonuses in single exemplar only for whole account - whats the lame.

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04.06.2014 , 09:26 AM | #4
Next patch will introduce a Jedi-like Legacy gear. See here.

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04.06.2014 , 10:58 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by frennky View Post
Next patch will introduce a Jedi-like Legacy gear. See here.
And they look like one of the sage battlemaster sets! THAT IS BOSS. Thank you for showing me this.

I will still hold out hope they someday make the champion jedi knight gearset into legacy, but this definitely makes me happy.

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04.06.2014 , 11:47 PM | #6
i like the war hero sage robes WAY better =)
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