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Random HUGE damage in rep side [Daily] The Sacred Artifacts end fight anyone?

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Random HUGE damage in rep side [Daily] The Sacred Artifacts end fight anyone?

Noerra's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 03:45 PM | #1
So before i post about this on bug forum i would like to hear if any of you have experienced unusual damages in rep side Ossus [Daily] The Sacred Artifacts?

What happens to me sometimes that after picking the lightsabers and spawning the sith lord by picking the jedi holocram, that sith lord hits my comp dead in literally 2 hits as soon as it spawns. Usually comps i run with are between lvl 20-30 (sometimes more) and in healing mode. Then that sith lord naturally starts to beat me up and i usually manage to just and just get the bugger killed before dying myself.

Thing is, none of the other non heroic daily quest mobs in Ossus hit even tenth as hard that this one and imp version on same quest is easy peasy. It also does not seem to happen to me every time, just sometimes. So i wonder if this particular sith lord has some crazy mechanic i am not aware of or is it somehow bugged to hit too hard sometimes?

That being said, i also have had strange sudden deaths after 5.10 here and there in places where i never had any issues. For example did gemini fight on KOTFE chapter with one alt bit more than week ago where everything was going fine, was full health, gemini almost dead and ZAP i was dead and didn't even know what had killed me. Like one shotted. Just in normal story mode where i have never had even a tiny problems on any character. Also some random mob one shotted me week ago while doing some normal old world heroic quests tatoiine i think?). But on this [Daily] The Sacred Artifacts last mob it has been pretty consistent and happening very often.

So has anyone noticed anything with that quest, or similar oddities with sudden deaths on unexpected places? Fluctuation or randomness in damage taken? Weird damage spikes in places they were not not before?

And sorry for a long post but i want to still add, just to save peoples time: i have been on range of my comps every time and they have been healing, so this is not related to the annoying comp bug.

yeldarbnotned's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 03:54 PM | #2
His "force quake" does a tremendous amount of damage. Keep him stun locked or interrupt him, then you will have no problems.

Noerra's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 04:06 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by yeldarbnotned View Post
His "force quake" does a tremendous amount of damage. Keep him stun locked or interrupt him, then you will have no problems.
Thanks! I was suspecting i might be missing something on it. I will test it the way you suggested, alltough i still wonder if that damage is a bug, cause it is so huge compared to other similar questmobs, even on higher difficulty ones. I don't mind stun/interrupt him but just feels bit off on such mob. And also then it's probably not related on those other very random damage spikes i been having lately. But yeah, thank you for quick reply Now i don't have to cringe every time when finishing that quest

Eiter's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 07:08 PM | #4
I haven't played Rep Ossus yet, but it seems similar to that beast on Oricon. It doesn't oneshot you, but if you don't interrupt a particular ability, it's impossible to kill. Maybe it's along those lines.

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

01.18.2019 , 05:38 AM | #5
IIRC its telegraphed by a pale blue circle at your feet - or your companion's - So you'll have to interrupt, move or micro-manage your companion.

Once you know the trick, the fight is really easy. - But watch for enemy stealths in the PvP instance -it's a fave place to jump you while you are otherwise engaged.

-Storm Cutter.
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