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Lightning Sorc light saber

TimWritt's Avatar

11.25.2020 , 01:32 PM | #1
Not very well versed in the whole gearing process yet, but for a level 75 looking to gear up...what is the 'stat stick' light saber I should be trying to acquire? Already collecting gathering storm gear but nothing seems to list what to use only than the 'hilt'. Thanx in advance.

wilygrayfox's Avatar

11.26.2020 , 03:28 PM | #2
The lightsaber is treated as any other piece of gear. Fill it with a hilt, mod, enhancement and augment to compensate for whatever you’re missing:

Accuracy to 110%
Alacrity to hit the alacrity break points
Crit to 3000-3300 (lower with a high alacrity build)

Also, you get to throw in a color crystal. At end game should be Eviscerating +41, IIRC.

You should have a focus in your offhand that provides extra stats with another color crystal.

TimWritt's Avatar

01.10.2021 , 09:38 AM | #3
TY wilygrayfox! What do you mean by, 'Alacrity to hit the alacrity break points'

mike_carton's Avatar

01.11.2021 , 07:43 PM | #4
People generally target specific time durations for GCD (global cooldown.) Lower GCD is often (not for all Disciplines) better. 1.3s GCD is almost universally recommended for Lightning/Telekinetics. For Lightning/Telekinetics Disciplines:

Alacrity of 331 gives 1.4 second GCD

Alacrity of 1895 gives 1.3 second GCD

More experienced players stack higher Alacrity (while playing Lightning/Telekinetics) in order to periodically achieve 1.1s GCDs temporarily during long fights. (Operations bosses.)
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