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Large scale conflict-based roleplay idea

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Large scale conflict-based roleplay idea

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09.29.2019 , 03:19 AM | #1
Posted this on reddit, but didn't get much response. Going to throw it out here, see if anyone has any thoughts on this?

When I first got on SWTOR, one of my biggest motivations was these roleplay servers. Iíve never played WoW or any other game that had designated role play servers, and I was very intrigued by the idea of having my own personage, my own identity within the Star Wars universe. So, I joined one of those RP servers and began to look around.

And Iíll be honest, I was disappointed. I was expecting a server-wide roleplay scene with lots of conflicts between the two factions and long term, player-driven stories going that people could plug into. Instead, I discovered that the two factions canít even really communicate with each other, making any faction vs faction stories virtually impossible. Instead, the roleplay was limited to emoting sessions in isolated areas.

I want to make it clear here that Iím not saying thereís anything wrong with that, and I hope those who enjoy that do not take offense or feel like I am demeaning them, as thatís certainly not my intent. Itís an entirely subjective thing, and it just didnít float my boat. I saw that there was one pvp/rp server on the East Coast, but it was also quite dead by the time I began playing.

So I began to throw around ideas for more large-scale, conflict-based roleplay situations that could be played out. This is the beginnings of one that I came up with that I wanted to throw out there, and see how it might work.

Premise: Two opposing guilds fighting for control over a planet, possibly multiple planets. Iím thinking Tatooine because it is huge and has strongholds available. Iíd like to see strongholds actually come into play in this, but I am not sure how.

A few random points and ideas on how this would play out:
  • Two guilds would be started at once; one imp and the other rep. Each Legacy is only allowed to join one side, hopefully to limit access to the opposing sideís strategies and plans.
  • Anyone in either guild must, at all times, have PVP flagged.
  • The two sides can launch large scale raids or fights between the factions. This will result in the winning side being considered in control of that area.
  • In addition to those raids, on a regular basis, letís say once a month, there will also be a large, staged battle between the two.
  • Between these large scale battles, any character who is killed by a character in the opposing guild anywhere in the galaxy whether during those raids or just during normal adventuring, cannot participate in the next large scale battle. The player behind that character can of course still use another character in his/her Legacy, provided that character also hasnít been killed, but it will limit that playerís options on which character he/she can contribute to that next battle. This will be the key component in all this. This will open up possibilities for various roles and their implementation in the larger story.

For example, letís say thereís a Jedi Knight who has been recognized as the best-geared toon of one of the most skilled characters on the Republicís side. The leadership of the Imperial side sets a bounty on his head, which of course the Bounty Hunters can go hunt. They might also send Imperial Agents or Sith Assassins out to sneak into enemy territory to take that guy out and get out asap. If successful, this will result in that Jedi Knight not being able to fight in the next battle, significantly weakening the Republicís capabilities. Or, if the Jedi Knight can fend off all the assassination attempts, now the Imperial side is out several assassins, agents, and bounty hunters for the next battle.

Problems/missing ideas that I couldnít really think of:
  • Long term stakes. What is the point of these battles? What happens to the winning/losing sides? How do we calculate and implement the ďconquestĒ of various areas after raids and battles?
  • Use of Strongholds. I dunno, is there any possibility there?