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Gear doesn't matter!

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Gear doesn't matter!

Lhancelot's Avatar

10.10.2019 , 07:00 PM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by JediMasterAlex View Post
The fact that you say "gears" when gear is already plural is sad. Also, my posts in this thread speak for themselves, you misrepresenting my stances and spouting other nonsense notwithstanding.
Threads can't speak. just sayin'.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSpuds View Post
RNG is counterproductive because it massively increases player dissatisfaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by olagatonjedi View Post
As I detailed in another thread, RNG give the players more control over their gearing.

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10.10.2019 , 09:54 PM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by Lhancelot View Post
Threads can't speak. just sayin'.
LoL, touche