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Quiters who leave during first round in solo ranked

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Quiters who leave during first round in solo ranked

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09.23.2019 , 05:34 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by omaan View Post
So situation is like this - our team tryhards in solo ranked match, we win it with great difficulty but before round 2 starts two-three elitists from enemy team just quit and in the end we get + 3 or + 5....why is this our problems that those elitists started to blame each other in loose and just quited? Not only they left one guy in their team alone instead of trying to win it in next round they also made our win useless.

What i reccomend is either block those players who quit solo ranked before second round from queueing for like 10 + min or just make so that every win gives proper elo regardless if anyone leaves from enemy team. It would be fair considering that lately people just quit every match during first round and just re-queue....
Well, the "leave warzone" button is not greyed out, so people can leave as many warzones and ranked arenas as they want to.
I don't see any problems there muahahahahahaha

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09.30.2019 , 04:24 AM | #12
Sigh... people on DM server continue to quit in first round resulting in low elo gain for enemy team which tryhards for the win. Solo ranked becomes a nightmare not only because current elo system based on 1 loose reducing more elo than 1 win gives but also because of wins giving like 3-4 elo due to first round quiters in enemy team. Maybe devs will do something finally..