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Companion Nerf, Who is leaving/unsubbing poll

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Companion Nerf, Who is leaving/unsubbing poll

Deamandred's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:12 PM | #1
Well with the mixed opinions and anger going around. why not a thread for all those who are leaving over these unpopular changes. Post here if you are quitting, leaving.

The last time i made a post similar to this back in late 2005. the replies numbered in the thousands. fortunately while this patch is creating a lot of anger, it does not meet the severity of that infamous change.
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rethrox's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:14 PM | #2
leaving because of patch, i liked companions prior !

Merdred's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:23 PM | #3
loved the game before nerf, dislike it now. I won't re-sub, but plan to return for added episodes. Just will not play any other time. Hopefully the nerf won't make the episodes a death grindfest as well.

Ajuma's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:24 PM | #4
Ill continue to play but im very p issed off at this BS nerf. I actually started having fun again doing all the heroics, running around doing solo stuff and now My main which is half 220/224 geared and lvl 50 senya is pointless now. Her heals are pure shat!

sirsilloh's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:28 PM | #5
Unsubbed already and no coming back, ever... (not english speaker, should say "ever" or "never" in this case? [i mean, would it be a "double negative"?])

Fluffometer's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:28 PM | #6
Unsubbed, but more of a case of 'the final straw' rather than the sole reason. I've been unlucky with bugs, crashes and a Hell of a lot of lags / disconnects recently so this latest change just made me feel like "sod it, I've had enough".

Chrilin's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:29 PM | #7

PlacidDragon's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:30 PM | #8
Dont need to unsub, i am on a 2 month non recurring sub, just to look at the expansion, etc. To frame it a different way, i really dont see any reason for re-subbing if that is what you are asking

star-forge's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:30 PM | #9
Yeah as BW/EA can't seem to balance this game in any fashion i think it is time to shelve this game for a time as it's not fun anymore

Kyleslater's Avatar

11.17.2015 , 07:31 PM | #10
It's that bad?