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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

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Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things

casirabit's Avatar

08.31.2016 , 07:02 PM | #951
I have unsubscribed after being here since June of 2009. This is not a break but leaving unless they do some changes to make the game interesting again. I am just waiting for them to reset the website and my posting will stop.

The story is good but can only be done so many times until you get bored, since it is the same story over and over again.

There is nothing for people who like to group up and do things together and the game has gotten very boring. All my guild and friends have left with most of them not ever coming back unless things changed.

I am returning to a game I loved before SWTOR was announced and am really having fun again. I actually can actually craft and it mean something and don't have to worry that everything is done on the cartel market and crafting is put to the bottom. I really am not sure why they even put crafting in the game since nothing we craft really matters.

Anyways have a great time and good luck.
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09.29.2016 , 07:48 PM | #952
Why did I stop subbing late last year? Lv Sync was neither offered as an option nor was a non-sync instance created, so I made a decision to play referred (not that I wouldn't rather continue subbing).

Bugs can be removed, glitches can be fixed, but lv sync is an inescapable, all day-every day, nuisance.


10.11.2016 , 06:09 PM | #953
I just unsubscribed, maybe a month left on my subscription. I joined right around launch. Here are my top 5 reasons for leaving as a subscriber:

1. KOTFE focus on single player "story", rather than group content. I only have 4 toons, but get bored to death playing through the story on each one. The KOTFE story is way too easy and I don't feel my characters advance- just things happen with a scripted story largely about NPCs, not my characters.

2. No new group content in 2 years. No new ops, and an announced expansion that still seems single-player focused.

3. Largely because of 2. above, raiding guilds have died. This has a lot of impact on other elements of the game. For example, now no reason to do Conquest. There are few people left to help out newer players interested in raiding or improbing their character's abilities. The vibrant community of theory crafters and rotation gurus has disappeared.

4. A lack of endgame content. Once your character hits 65, what to do? Everyone is tired of the same old ops and HM flashpoints that give so little reward. I will say the leveling experience from 1 to 65 is superb, the story is great for each class (that I played anyways), but you can only do that so many times before boredom sets in.

5. It's just not as fun as it used to be. When that happens, it's a good time for a break.
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