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Is ESO making a dent in this game?

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Is ESO making a dent in this game?

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04.27.2014 , 10:56 AM | #221
The peak of SWTOR FP healing was in Lost Island, the first droid boss very much reminds me of the chaos present in Veteran dungeons in TESO. One of the reasons I left SWTOR was their decision to make FPs "tactical" ... if they continued down the road of Lost Island-like FP encounters, I'd have more reason to stay. So far TESO has very good entry dungeons and they pretty much remind me of SWTOR in its inception. I have yet to see the Trial runs, though. Healing isn't anything special, I liked SWTOR healing because of limited resources at your disposal (unlike WoW in which you have everything at your disposal, and the fights have to become disco light shows to compensate, meaning macros abound ...) and I like TESO for the same thing - you run out of magicka rapidly and, on top of that, limited action bar means adapting for individual fights.

The kind of patch Craglorn is can be compared to the glorious patch 1.2 in SWTOR when the game tried to convince you huge updates like this were worthy of subscription. If they continue to push Craglorn-like updates in the upcoming months, the game is certainly worthy of my sub. Another reason why I can't stand SWTOR anymore is their minuscule patches and housing being considered as the main feature of an expansion. People talk of standards in MMOs and compare them to WoW ... well, for me, the kind of updates an MMO receives is a big factor in deciding long-term investment. The main reason why I stayed in WoW for five years was their massive updates. True, Craglorn could simply be a singular massive update, a coup de grace of TESO before it succumbs to the pressures of the marker and opts for F2P ... I've had first-hand experience with SWTOR regarding this subject and I certainly won't follow TESO down the same road.

Grouping works for questing, I haven't had much issues. Phasing can cause problems, but if your party members are at the same stage/phase, everything is smooth. You don't actually need grouping for questing since there are people popping in and out everywhere and every mob/quest objective is public.

Levelling is part of endgame, not the whole endgame, but right now a major part of it. For me in SWTOR, the blind alley of endgame awaited me as soon as I concluded chapter 3 back in December 2011. At least in TESO the blind alley is postponed and since questing is something I thoroughly enjoy, it's a refreshing experience, meaning I'm not thrown into dungeons and raids immediately, but rather phased into the enemy faction zones (with a little help from Meridia) and confronted with veteran difficulty which can sometimes be quite brutal. There are six difficult veteran dungeons made for veteran content and then there's a whole zone of content in Cyrodiil (not just pvp, but loads of quests as well). On top of that, dungeon achievements progress your Undaunted skill lines, which will probably be very useful for Trials. Blood Altar at the moment is very useful for quick AoE healing. MMOs will always trick you into grind-based activities to make you play longer than what is usually considered a standard in single player games. TESO decided to go for more levelling on top of initial levelling and more focus on dungeoneering than throwing you straight into raids. In other words, there's enough endgame content at the moment.

A lot of people will be discouraged to reach Veteran rank 10, I definitely agree there. People will complain if reaching level 50 will take a few weeks and people will complain if reaching VR10 will take more than that, Zenimax can't win. Well, if one wants mindless levelling la WoW, then, by all means, there's WoW. At this stage I'd like to think that TESO is more catered to a niche audience and that it can stand on its own this way. Craglorn will be made for VR10 players (VR12 will be max), so they're furthering the design, I hope they keep it that way down the road.

SWTOR has nothing to fear? Of course not, the title of this thread is about two years too late. SWTOR had that fear (or, well, at least I had that fear for the game) after release - will there be enough subs to maintain the game as a sub MMO ... will there be enough content to keep those 1.8 mil subs they bragged about ... Is there enough variety to keep players away from Pandaland, etc. SWTOR is already F2P and lost as many subs as it can and convinced the remainder that Galactic Strongholds is an expansion worthy of a triple A story-based MMO. In fact, ESO has a lot to fear right now.

It will probably go F2P eventually (all the signs pinpoint to that, including the hate bandwagon which uncannily resembles the whole "Tortanic" debacle), so I'll enjoy it until, eventually, the game becomes a dress-up mini-game *shudders

About your post scriptum - you can laugh all you want, but the sad state of gaming today is just that - endless wave of whining and bickering over layers of unabashed opinions without any depth or real reasoning. There are huge issues with the game, but sensationalists like Angry Joe blow things out of proportion, meaning nitpicking details about two out of hundreds of quests and try to dismiss the rest of the game because of that. Duping and bot issues have become a staple of almost every MMO. There is no central AH in TESO, so complaining about duping while it doesn't even affect you is being disingenious at best. Then there's this whole debacle about immersion and what really cracks me up is the complaint (coming from Gamespot, which is all the more worrying) that the game doesn't work well because you can't roleplay a thief when there's people running around. There are conventions to an MMO genre, there are features and contrivances which are a standard ... that makes it a niche genre, more or less (WoW is an exception to the rule, and not for the same reasons). I really wish the reviewers would take that into account.

In my opinion, a very good review came from IGN - simply because the reviewers evaluated based on the standards/conventions relevant to the MMO genre, and not a single player RPG like Skyrim.
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04.27.2014 , 11:22 AM | #222
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04.27.2014 , 12:50 PM | #223
If he says it's bad, then it must be true.

He is a legendary reviewer.
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04.27.2014 , 03:17 PM | #224
Quote: Originally Posted by Reno_Tarshil View Post
If he says it's bad, then it must be true.

He is a legendary reviewer.
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04.28.2014 , 10:27 PM | #225

Our Lord and Saviour Joe has spoken.

Heed his word.
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