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Incentivize tanking in PvE...?

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Incentivize tanking in PvE...?

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06.01.2019 , 12:48 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
I think you forgot the most important reason there is a shortage of tanks...

But to start, I don't think there is a tank shortage for guild runs. There is a tank shortage for PuGing because they are quite often treated like utter bantha dung.

WoW experimented with offering incentives to tanks and healers to use group finder. The results were mixed. It wasn't entirely unsuccessful, but that was also largely because the content was pretty easy so mistakes were easily forgiven.

With that said...I don't care what incentive they offer in this game. I will only tank (and heal, frankly) in guild runs.

Bluntly put: Tanking and healing PuGs is not worth the aggravation.

I am tank without country. PUBs aren't patient for you to learn fights.