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About the Galactic Command achievements in 6.0

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About the Galactic Command achievements in 6.0

TheCallisto's Avatar

05.31.2019 , 03:49 PM | #1
This post will be a follow-up to TheRandomno's post about the Galactic Command achievements in 6.0. To quote his solution: "Rethink this decision. Keep intact the achievements of those who have already earned them, but for the future, rework the achievements so that they can be earned by obtaining a similar level of Galactic Renown.".

This is without a single doubt the best way to go about this. Bioware, I urge you to please take this into consideration. Why? Because it's not only the achievements, there are flair's connected to them. I really liked how you handled the Companion influence achievements back before 4.0 launched. Instead of removing them, you moved them to a different category and changed how you got the achievements ("Loyalty to the Sith Warrior" and "Devotion to the Sith Warrior", for example), as well as the legacy titles for maxing all your comps affection. This way people could still obtain these cheevos and titles.

This would be the perfect opportunity to do something similar again. Like TheRandomno said, rework the achievements for Galactic Renown, so that newer and returning players can get the titles and flair's. I (and a lot of other people I have spoken to) don't want to spend the whole summer grinding command ranks for all classes, would much more enjoy the game normally before expansion hits. It really is the perfect solution, and like I said, please please consider doing something like this. Thanks for your time.
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TheRandomno's Avatar

05.31.2019 , 04:44 PM | #2
Well I of course support the suggestion. Zeroing the achievements is not the best solution but I fear it's the best we're gonna get