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ESO Revamping .....

Lotharofxev's Avatar

10.13.2014 , 09:01 AM | #1


Thought this exchange was particularly telling:

“How many people are Veteran Rank 1 or above?”
*Everyone raises their hands*

“How many people are satisfied with Veteran Content at this point?”
*No one raises their hands except for the two developers in the room*

Were I the pres or CEO of the company and given my experience with ESO Betas I-III, I probably would've fired those two on the spot. Then I'd turn around and fire whoever was telling me that everything was copacetic during Beta.

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10.13.2014 , 09:13 AM | #2
If you’ve played Star Wars: The Old Republic, you’ll be familiar with this type of account wide experience pool. In SWTOR you have the Legacy system, which is very similar to the Champion System with the exception that the Champion System is useful to all the characters on the account.
/looks at legacy wide faster quick travel, presence bonuses, rocket boosts, ship unlocks, class buffs etc

I guess I can't use those on my alts after all :/

ok, I'm nitpicking slightly, but that was some seriously odd choice of words there. whole point of legacy system is to be useful to alts. its useful in a different way, but its useful. in fact... what I'm getting from champion system is once again, I'm encouraged to focus on my main rather than play alts... since alts under lvl 50 cannot earn champion points and that means if I'm playing them, I'm essentially "wasting" playtime and advancement of characters opportunity.

this actualy almost makes me want to register an account there, just so I could leave a comment

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10.13.2014 , 02:53 PM | #3
They still think you should keep playing until then. Even the articles about the revamp like this one say you should, but I will not until they get to the point where I am not doing that horrendous VR grind and can just do siege stuff. Right now, you really are at a disadvantage if you are not all the way to max VR and add to that what I think was poor balance unless you were playing with things that synergize with a dress and a stick.

Jeweledleah's Avatar

10.13.2014 , 04:05 PM | #4
yeah, I read that they are already tracking progress and it would be applied to the new system. but it still doesn't change the fact that I make no progress if I decide to play my baby redguard Templar (min maxing what's that? :P ) instead of the main.

this was my main beef with ESO actualy. its incredibly alt unfriendly. especially becasue of shared storage (since you ended up having very little of it becasue of it) champion system doesn't really make it alt friendly unless all your alts are already at 50.