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Stronghold Decoration Suggestions

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Milandur's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 01:59 PM | #101
Here's hoping my suggestions don't have too much overlap with known GSH content.

  • The spinning monitors from the fight against the Shroud (Shroud's Last Stand).
  • The Noetikons from the Jedi Consular storyline.
  • Giant galaxy map!
  • Jukebox.
  • The False Emperor's throne.
  • Some of the computers and monitors from the Office of Imperial Intelligence.
  • A variety of floor/wall-mounted turrets (decorative only, of course).
  • Disco dance floor!
  • Those pods with the mechanical doors from around the Cyborg fight in Directive 7.
  • Dreadful Entity replica (with full spinning action!)
  • Model/pet display cabinet.
  • A display board with customizable scrolling messages.
  • Mannequins (representing each body type, preferably as a toggle action).
  • Weapon displays.

Trenhob's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:06 PM | #102
I'd like to see:

  • Baby Krayt Dragon Cage (Dark Side/greedy Inquisitor Cult story on Nar Shaddaa)
  • Dread Master Raptus' Throne with curse crystals (Dread Palace)
  • Holo of each chapter boss for all classes
  • Full-sized Galactic Starfighter ships
  • Small scale drilling platforms (Makeb)
  • Thrantas (Alderaan)
  • Fountain with focusing crystal (Makeb - Toborro's Courtyard)
  • Statues from Dread Fortress and Palace
  • Tauntaun nests (Hoth)
  • Fall themed tree and grass arrangement (Voss)
  • Containment cells in various colors (blue - Section X, red - Czerka Corp Labs)
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BaineOs's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:18 PM | #103
A little mini "orbital strike" (as in the sniper skill) with the sound effects you can turn on and off to place on top tables and other parts of the stronghold. Would also be a way to preserve the skill in a small way if it was changed so drastically it doesn't resemble the way it works now (regarding animation and the sound effect.

That's something which would be extremely cool

Little mini statues maybe of your toons, that way if you decide to delete it you still have a record of it ingame.
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Lordanem's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:18 PM | #104
A few ideas from me.

Everyone likes statues of imposing characters, creatures or a statue of a captital ship.. mini or large. Wompa maybe? If you want something premium-like, a statue of yourself? In your current armor life size or larger... If that is possible?

Another idea... Pools? Hot tubs? They will look cool In anyone's Stronghold showing off wealth.

Another Idea Is Characters! People you can buy to live and walk around your stronghold... Wookies, Humans or Droids; Hunter-Killer droids or mer astro droids. Also be able to customise these characters further by buying custom kits on Cartel market or dress them like you would a companion.

Final Idea: If It could be possible.. Add maybe Swtor T.V.? Show people twitch and streaming while your playing swtor? and In between showing swtor's own adverts! Might be a way to bring streaming and gaming a little closer.

Just my ideas!

Thanks for reading.

Brittaany_Banks's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:20 PM | #105
I'm not in favor of the stronghold decoration process being in the majority completely dependant on how many cartel coins you are willing to spend on decorations.

We all know that's where the majority of the most highly requested decs are going to be available from. Pay2decorate is going to be the theme of these strongholds sucking the fun out of them. You could use this as loot drops in old content as an incentive for players to do group finder with other less experienced players... yet no. You have dollar signs in your eyes on this only. No thank you.
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jwsjTyrannus's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:21 PM | #106
(1) Trophy Heads: Honestly, in KOTOR... one of my favorite rooms was Davik Kang's Trophy room. So heads of Rancors, Varactyls, Nexu, Reeks, etc could be a nice thing to have in some strongholds. I love hunting in all video games, so creature trophy heads would be awesome.

(2) GSF Ships: Maybe not fully decked out looking, but the basic model. Perhaps found on Kuat Drive Yards?

(3) Anything from Dread Palace/Fortress: All of the items have an epic Sith feel to them.

(4) "Pets" : Not your run of the mill mini-pets, but I figure some people would like an actual large Rancor NPC in their trap room on their Tattooine Stronghold. Other epic pets could include World Boss sized Creatures, Droids, etc. Doesn't have to roam, could be like the Rancor on Makeb stuck behind the conal force field.

(5) Support for all the people who want Mannequins, weapon racks, etc.

xraetastic's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:22 PM | #107
+1 for the blood pool in the Sith Academy, the head in a jar (IIRC it's from the smuggler story? the Alderaan part?), Tulak Horde's star map from the end of the Korriban Inquisitor class quests, the giant datascreens the Shroud's lieutenants have in their bases, and the Republic Fleet water pools + fountains.

  • The containment cell (that you can walk in and out of) on the lower level of the bounty hunter's D5-Mantis would be pretty neat (and a goldmine for rp)!
  • Additionally, maybe some non-empty cells with prisoners in them, if you want to play that kind of Sith :U Examples are in the Sith Academy's interrogation rooms. (I-Is it a bad time to also bring up the torture devices Darth Baras had in his office on Kaas, or?)
  • The big blue planetary holoprojection sphere from one of the very first rooms when you walk into Imp Intel HQ.
  • Plants! Darvannis (S&V) has some nice palm trees, particularly the one that's the center of a fountain. Then there are the trees on Coruscant Senate Plaza, the little glowy purple things on Kaas, and a whole host of others on every planet.
  • Artifacts, crystals, etc displayed like they are in the museum on the Ziost Shadow. (The skylight in that room is pretty cool, too. Sith/Jedi observatory, anyone?)
  • In general, bits of clutter, the little details that make the environment seem inhabited. Papers scattered across the floor, on desks, tools/blasters/drinks/datapads/whatever sitting on crates and on tables, that sort of thing.
  • Some of the 'grittier' assets from places like Nar Shaddaa, Hutta, or the lower levels of Coruscant etc would work well for people who don't necessarily care for a pristine stronghold.

And finally, all the little side rooms off the Tython temple have some really dynamic NPCs, jedi and padawans meditating, debating, sitting at classroom tables, standing in fighting or casting stances as if sparring, and a few meditating in front of captive Sith, even. I'm sure Korriban + Ord Mantell have similar faction-specific NPCs performing actions that would make it easy for players to set up a sort of training room, enclave, military base or whatever, to make the stronghold feel 'alive' in a sense, even if the NPCs can't actually move or walk anywhere.

(I will say, though, that I hope the available items aren't dominated by Cartel Market purchases. It would be a missed opportunity to revitalize old content, and people will very quickly lose interest if that turns out to be the case.)

BCGaius's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:26 PM | #108
I am sure some of these have been mentioned or already considered by the dev team, but for completeness' sake and emphasizing my interest in seeing them as decoration options I'm listing everything important I can think of!

- GSF Starfighters. I'm sure there are technical issues here, but I would really really really love to plop down a NovaDive or Sting or two.

- Briefing room thingamajigs! You know, "Here's the Death Star schematics, pilots! Go blow it up!" type stuff. Big holodisplays of Big Important Space Things, or screens displaying attack vectors and weak points...

- Carpet: Jedi meditation mat. Fancy rugs are cool, but I hope there's a simple mat sort of like you might find in a gym or martial arts facility.

- Droid NPCs. Power droids, mouse droids, loader droids, medical droids. Just the sort of random ambiance you'd expect in a Star Wars locale.

- Starfighter/ship refueling and rearming doodads. Big fuel hoses, missile-loading cranes, that sort of thing. I want my garage to look like the hangar on Yavin 4 or Hoth!

- Cool wall paintings. Have you guys considered taking some of your own concept art and turning it into in-game paintings that can be hung on walls? If not, you should! I'd love a painting of a big battle between Jedi and Sith.

Cmall's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:31 PM | #109
I would love to have the ability to add any creature that's unlocked in the bestiary codex as a decoration within the stronghold.
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DomiSotto's Avatar

07.16.2014 , 02:31 PM | #110
I would like

1. holoportraits (or reliefs, like in the movie on Palpatine's wall, sort of like carbonite) of the KOTOR2 companions.
2. flowers from Belsavis
3. a small fountain would be nice as well
4. that lovely Coruscant animation of flying papers
5. A brazier with a fire or a tall candle for a meditation corner for a Jedi and a kneeling mat.
6. A complicated construct, like one of the pieces from BG2 (Sphere)