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New Shadow tank build

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11.23.2012 , 11:54 AM | #1
Was thinking of this build for Shadow tanks. Its extremely unorthodox but it might be worth a try. All you do is substitute slow time for the masked assault skill. It allows blackout to be used out of combat and blackout gives 25% damage reduction for 6 seconds. The idea of this build is to give the tank an extra defensive cooldown that he can use up to once a minute. You still get harnessed shadows, but only with project.
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11.23.2012 , 12:08 PM | #2
For pve doesn't seem worth it, though I wouldn't mind another defensive cooldown. It's arguable that the permanent 5% damage reduction due to force slow and the faster harnessed shadows will be better for mitigation over the course of blackout's cooldown.

Add to that the fact that you're missing one of your main threat generators, the cost reduction on project and upheval (which helps with threat gen as well) and I guess I'll stick to a full kinetic combat build...

But it could work (somewhat) for pvp, since the damage reduction works while exiting stealth AND when using blackout, so you could exploit also force cloak (and plain entering combat from stealth) to make a very sturdy build... in that case it may actually be worth it, in addition with the added force regen that can help to proc accelerated project from double strike.

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11.23.2012 , 12:51 PM | #3
It's not really a new spec since a lot of people tried to check it out when Infiltration was first tweaked when 1.4 landed. The "gain" in survivability isn't really there and you're paying for it by drastically decreasing your threat generation.

It's important to remember that Blackout has a CD of 60 seconds, which means you're getting roughly 10% uptime (this can get marginally higher by factoring in the entry Shadow's Respite and use of Force Cloak, which I wouldn't really since it's a complete threat drop and any time you'd have the opportunity to do that without screwing your group, you don't need the DR). 25% mitigation with 10% uptime translates to 2.5% additional DR. At 40% K/E DR, 2.5% additional DR translates to a 4.3% decrease in damage taken. Slow Time, expressly as a damage reduction mechanism, is more valuable than what you're getting out of Blackout, not to mention that you're losing out on Psychokinesis (which means that you're also hurting your Force maintenance by costing 2 more Force with every DS and 6 more with every Project) and Upheaval (which means your Project is hitting substantially lighter than it would be otherwise). It's also important to remember that the talents that you're taking to get up to Masked Assault are largely useless to a Shadow Tank (Infiltration Tactics is useless when you should be the focus of a boss and never get to see its backside; Security Breach is of marginal use at best especially when compared to losing Slow Time which does more damage, generates more threat, and is on a shorter CD; Misdirection and Celerity are only useful in PvP).

On a side note, Vigor is pretty much entirely useless to you as it is to every Shadow spec that exists. 10 additional Force is functionally worthless when you should be spending all of your time below 50 Force, and the only Force generation benefit you'd be getting out of it is getting 6.6 Force from DBSD rather than 6 (which, as I said before, is substantially less than you'd get out of Psychokinesis and Slow Time).
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11.25.2012 , 11:19 AM | #4
In addition to Slow Time's threat generation, it also has the consistent damage reduction and slowing effect, crucial in both PvE and PvP, especially as a Shadow with low damage reduction.

Blackout may help against the occasional big hit, but it probably wouldn't be worth the constant spikiness in the health bar.