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12.22.2015 , 04:04 PM | #1
So im running windows 10 nvidia Geforce 960m x2 With 16 gb of ram, MSI,
So my game crashes quite a bit , sometime i can play 2 second's sometime i can play a whole day,
Doesnt matter my setting had it low, and really high and it does it, anyway, way it crashes is,
ill be playing and bam freeze, and then windows program not responding, and if i hit wait it just spins, i walked away and was gone 3 hours and when i got back was still spinning i have to taskmanager close, sometimes i can close it normally, i play linage 2, WoW, Farcry 4 on ultra, and play cod Bo3 And AW On very high and never have problems, Regardless of setting, Regardless of my play style, I wanna know what causes this,
one time it did close and say bitexpansion or bitraider i cant remember, i am a subscriber and wanna play like crazy, I LOVE THIS GAME MORE THEN ANY OTHER GAME, and i really wanna play this game without a worry of a crash.