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TFA Soundtrack [Extremely minor spoilers]

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TFA Soundtrack [Extremely minor spoilers]

Master-Nala's Avatar

12.21.2015 , 10:01 AM | #1
I purchased the soundtrack on Friday and have been listening to it all weekend. I have to say, that I've found it to be by far the weakest of all the movies. And sadly not by a little bit.

There's only one standout track on the whole album and that's Rey's Theme. Our new hero rightly has a beautiful theme. It seems to capture her isolation and strength at the same time. Wonderful.

The remainder of the album is mostly background noise. A few tracks like "Han and Leia" are "The Falcon" remixes of earlier tracks from ESB and that's fine. But what's missing is that unlike some of the earlier soundtracks, most of the main characters don't have their own theme music. For characters like Poe and Hux that might be OK, but not having a specific theme for Finn and Kylo Ren is just terrible.

By contrast, let's compare the movie everyone loves to hate: the Phantom Menace. That was just full of memorable stuff. Anakin's Theme, Duel of Fates, The Droid Invasion, Qui-Gon's haunting funeral dirge, etc. Probably the best thing to come out of that movie.

Well, if anyone was thinking of buying this album, just pick up Rey's Theme and you'll have the best of the bunch.
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12.21.2015 , 09:33 PM | #2
Rey's theme is good but I also liked the finale which has parts of the same theme intertwined.
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12.22.2015 , 02:31 AM | #3
New hope was pretty generic as well. (Not including the credits theme since it's same in all movies.) Most of the main characters aside from luke got their themes in Empire. Will probably be the same here.
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