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[SPOILER]This is Star Wars Force Awakens Spoiler Alert Warning do not read this post

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[SPOILER]This is Star Wars Force Awakens Spoiler Alert Warning do not read this post

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12.17.2015 , 12:08 PM | #21
My first thought regarding Luke was picturing Mark Hamill at the first lecture of the screenplay with his fellow comrades:

Randomizing your forums.

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12.17.2015 , 04:40 PM | #22

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ok ok i get it i made a typo, can we let it go.
Nope, this is the Internet, outside of worshiping cats, making fun of grammatical mistakes is our most beloved pastime

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12.17.2015 , 06:50 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
I was extremely disappointed with TFA.

Story was bad. Jedi Knight's story arc in SWTOR is dozen times better not to mention KotOR 2.

Unappealing (in all ways) lead hero.

Ridiculously stupid climax, even for Star Wars (sci-fi / fantasy) story. Rey would beat Galen Marek's butt without Jedi training. Top kek.

John Williams performed rather poorly. Every Star Wars movie had an amazing soundtrack with memorable tracks. Not a single thing remained in my head after TFA. There are no memorable motifs / themes like Across the Stars, Imperial March or Battle of the Heroes.
I had a bad feeling about this... since the trailers.

And sadly, it was true. As you say, you don't get to come out of the film with and infectious tune in your head like the Imperial march, closing theme, Leia's theme, Yoda's theme, Binary suns call of the Force, Duel of the Fates, whatever. It's all a continuous blur.

I absolutely LOVE Rey, everything with the Falcon especially flying inches above ground, that was something, Han and Chewie were GREAT, though the one-liners not as cool as vintage ones. The new X wings are very cool. Cool new creatures but too few overall (lots of aliens in the cantina but barely visible though)

I find Kylo pathetic, especially without helmet and even without hood and the way Finn and Rey beat him up in lightsaber combat was a joke. Some characters and yes that includes the superweapon are poorly introduced - and we had no time to fully get acquainted with that thing it was already blown to bits and AGAIN by a handful of X wing fighters. It's 2015 couldn't you have an ARMADA of fighters on screen???
Also, janitor stromtrooper knows all about the weak spot.

I loved the scenes on Tatooine. I mean... Jakku. Why make it another planet if it's beautiful, CLASSIC Tatooine, except one less sun?
Also there were great landscapes but all too terrestrial. Pine forests, oaks, grass, lakes, snow, blue skies... was JJ on a budget? Or was this a fifth of a billion usd budget film?
I was expecting something very alienish like Felucia (where Aayla Secura is killed), or Belsavis or Avatar's planet or something now that technology makes it possible without it having to look cartoonish.

I hope they later explain how Luke's saber found its way from the depths of Bespin to whatever planet it is where Yoda woman gave it to Rey (I just read how in Expanded universe a droid then an Ugnaught find it and give it to Vader, but still). I liked that little alien grandma a lot. But again - screen time, character exposition... underwhelming. Same for captain Iron Buckets Phazer. Cantina and desert market scenes were huge! Also found various nods to SWTOR - that woman looked like Kaliyo a lot, or Asajj Ventress, a Rattataki in any case with what looked a bit like a Gend'ai (Locust, The Flame), a droid that looked like Scorpio or Pat-ak, and even a red helmet that reminds a lot of the Obroan/Brutalizer helmets. Also, high-level scanvenging!

Also the scene where Solo is caught in a pincer between two pirate crews was GREAT and reminded me of cool times in Kotor. Sadly it's never explained how he got there or anything. Also would have loved at least one of the parties to be trandoshan or someshuch.

Places, characters, all is a blur and is rushed. 4 or 5 planets destroyed in seconds. What was that? Coruscant??? According to some sources Chandrila, some say Hosnian Prime on Reddit. Had to look - I hate the thought of Coruscant being blown to the smithereens! Again, that was really, really RUSHED.
Were they even in the same system? Or is the ray of death supposed to cross systems? It goes slowly enough for Ren to follow it with his head though!

Anyway, mixed feelings but I WILL go back to it. This time in English (saw it in French), and possibly in 2D as well.

I hope Episode 8 comes with lightsaber fights as cool as episode I and our beloved SWTOR trailers, and more immersion in the Force.

May the Force be with you!

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12.17.2015 , 06:59 PM | #24
Khruger Guardian TOFN

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12.17.2015 , 08:11 PM | #25
I thought the film was really awesome.

I'm actually in love with Rey now, so I found it really cool

Many many many references to all the other Star Wars films! Really cool!


And now only one and a half year till 8!
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12.17.2015 , 08:35 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by PSVEindhoven View Post
I thought the film was really awesome.

I'm actually in love with Rey now, so I found it really cool

Many many many references to all the other Star Wars films! Really cool!


And now only one and a half year till 8!
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12.17.2015 , 10:51 PM | #27
Well, I just saw it. I both enjoyed it *and* was somewhat disappointed, as strange as that sounds. But I do want to see it again, so I guess that means it was a good movie

DarthDymond's Avatar

12.17.2015 , 11:09 PM | #28
I liked it a lot - I'm waiting to think on it a bit more and make sure it isn't the opening day hype talking when I say I loved it, but I'm pretty sure it's in my top 3 favorite SW movies.

[Keeping things below pretty vague.]

Not that it's perfect, the good far outweighed the bad but there were a few things that stood out that might have been done better:

The humor tried a little too hard in some places with the one-liners and snarky / sarcastic bits. Most of the lines landed fine and were genuinely funny, but there were a couple that hit my ear as "okay, you're deliberately trying to channel Joss Whedon here".

They hit a couple too many of the same beats as Episode IV, enough that I kind of wish it had the confidence to go its own direction a little bit more, rather than hewing so close to the main structure of the original Star Wars. There were actually a fair number of differences, not just in the set dressing but in the underlying story beats, but there were enough deja vu moments that you could definitely notice it.

None of the villains really knocked it out of the park for me. I know Vader, the Emperor, and Tarkin set the bar really high, and TFA's bad guys were better than Dooku or Grievous (and way, way better than Gunray), but honestly I was a touch underwhelmed by the First Order villains. I don't hate Kylo Ren the way some seem to, in fact I actually like the concept (and he had a few legitimately solid moments) but the execution fell a little flat.

But again, the positives far outweighed the negatives for me:

I loved the heroes - both old and new, the good guys were great (Carrie Fisher / Leia might have been the weakest of them, but didn't spoil the experience). I felt like they really nailed a perfect balance between the new heroes and the old, and I'm totally invested in where the story takes them going forward. Rey, Finn, BB-8, and even Poe (who doesn't get as much screen-time or focus) were all fantastic additions to the saga.

The scope was amazing - all the different locations, which came on a nice variety of different planets and ships, the epic battles on the ground and in the air / space - all throughout was the sense that this was a big-budget, special-effects-heavy movie done right. They made really effective use of both practical effects and CGI, without relying too heavily on either.

I mentioned that a few of the one-liners drifted into 'trying to hard' territory, but overall I can't emphasize enough how different it was from the Prequels to see so many characters that had real life to them. These people were so enjoyable to watch! As much as I enjoyed all the big explosions and cool effects, this movie felt properly grounded in the characters, and they carried it well. The performances were just so much better than 90% of what we saw in the Prequels (pretty much better than anything outside of Ewan McGregor or Ian McDiarmid), and that was a nice breath of fresh air.

In the end, something as vague as "it felt like Star Wars" is always going to be an entirely subjective thing. But for me, this absolutely felt like Star Wars, and it felt like Star Wars done right.
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12.17.2015 , 11:14 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Varium View Post
I'm wondering about Kylo Ren
Okay, good, I thought that's what I heard but I wasn't certain whether he said

Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Nala View Post
Are you saying:

Pretty sure at one point Leia is referred to as
One can only match, move by move, the machinations of fate, and thus defy the tyrannous stars. ~Kain

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12.18.2015 , 02:18 AM | #30
not perfect, but i loved it.
going again tomorrow. 1 scene i probably will have nightmares about tonight, but that's how it goes. i expected it, but not in this movie....

na anyway, loved it and to me it felt like star wars. people either love it or don't. that's how it goes with every movie out there, so if somebody didn't like it.. maybe better luck with the next one.
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