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Spoilers and somewhat dissapointing stuff in new movie

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Spoilers and somewhat dissapointing stuff in new movie

Kaisernick's Avatar

12.21.2015 , 03:17 PM | #31
3. They are setting up Rey for having previous training. My theory is that Rey was hidden on Jakku, ala Luke on Tatooine, when Kylo Ren led the First Order to wipe out the Jedi Order that Luke was trying to build
while im not against this idea Ray seems to be of the same age as Kylo (well they look the same age not sure on their exact age's) so it seems odd considering if they are then Kylo turned at a very young age and somehow managed to kill all the others without being stopped. Referral Link
ok ok i get it i made a typo, can we let it go.
Nope, this is the Internet, outside of worshiping cats, making fun of grammatical mistakes is our most beloved pastime

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12.21.2015 , 07:56 PM | #32
regarding Kylo not wanting to kill her, the movie didn't out right state it, but the fact that Snoke told him to bring her to him, the fact that he clearly wanted the star map so he could find Luke, combined with his offer to teach her, all that made it pretty clear he didn't want to kill her
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