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Why does Malgus not remember you?

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Why does Malgus not remember you?

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10.11.2019 , 02:48 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
I finally played Ossus on my agent yesterday. Took me a long time to get my agent to that point. I had just read this thread before my playthrough and paid close attention to the conversations with Malgus.

Malgus greets my agent with: "You..." and I took it as a "You, my murderer." and not e.g. as "You, the Alliance commander." However, there was no further specification. The rest of the conversation kinda felt like both sides tried to avoid the topic. At the end came some mocking from my side. Overall, my impression was that he knows very well, but he doesn't want to talk about it (OOC: due to the game limitations; one size fits all) and, more importantly, something far worse than being killed by my char, happened to him afterwards.

50+ years?!?
Yes Very much. At a point after this there's another dialog about his return being "Not Good" and he replies "Pray that you don't". I took that as a "Don't end up like my fate" insinuating Acina is not making his return very accommodating (Slave). This I see as the SWTOR version of Darth Vaders plight to Lord Sidious.
This dynamic including Malora and her interaction with Malgus makes a good setting for my inquisitor's constant Scheming and Conniving to get her Council chair back.
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