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Star Forge or Satele Shan ( Republic or Empire ) - Population

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Star Forge or Satele Shan ( Republic or Empire ) - Population

denavin's Avatar

10.09.2019 , 10:43 PM | #11
Asking in these forums will net you as many opinions as people have rear ends and they will all stink.

Make a character on both servers and decide which server you like best.
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black_pyros's Avatar

10.11.2019 , 11:50 AM | #12
GTN economy seems healthier on SF than SS. This indicates higher population. Not by much, though.
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10.11.2019 , 08:38 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by MK-ULTRA View Post
The Galaxy is flat
only from the side.

Starforge all the way!
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