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Small Yield Invasion Target for Swoop Gang Mayhem?

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Small Yield Invasion Target for Swoop Gang Mayhem?
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Today , 06:52 AM | #91
How difficult would it have been to add a small yield planet, set one planet to small yield, spot every guild the point difference, or even just trigger the guild rewards for any character that meets their personal reward, etc, etc?

Obviously too difficult for Bioware.

This just once again shows how we continue to get screwed by the terrible systems put in place years ago (every tiny change seems to require a full patch cycle, including taking down servers versus the ability to hotfix), as well as continue to suffer for the lack of development resources assigned to the game.

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Today , 07:14 AM | #92
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
This was really disappointing for everyone. They're still sore about it.
Having no Small Yield was a kick in the teeth.
None of the small guilds I'm in played much this week. The only CQ I bothered with was for the larger guids that do large yield. Will take the FS plans and give them to the small guilds, but it's still short of what they would have had this week.
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