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Vaylin returned to life, in a way?

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Vaylin returned to life, in a way?

Turiann's Avatar

01.25.2021 , 05:58 PM | #1
In the last Story Arc Flashpoint, in Satele's dream, we meet Vaylin again.
In the final part of the FP, Satele reveals her trap to Tenebrae.
We know that two of Sateles studens have died at this time, including the redhead with short hair. Accurately, in the scene where Satele reveals Tenebrae she lured him in a trap, all but two students awaken. The redhead is one of the two that stays on the ground, obviously dead.
Shortly thereafter, all of Tenebrae/Vitiate/Valkorions enemies, victims, etc. appear, including Vaylin. As she shows up with the rest, you'll notice she looks down to the right frowning, a very short scene, just at where the dead redhaired student is on the ground.
Then, in the aftermath, we learn that the redhead survived after all. In the post-credit scene we see Satele in a conversation with that redhead, just as Ayrin comes in. Satele sends the redhead away, and as the redhead just passes Ayrin she frowns in her direction, much in the way Vaylin used to, and not at all as you would expect a padawan to look at a stranger welcomed by her master.

Addendum: The redhaired student's name we get from the post-event mail is Syl I believe.

What do you think? Has Vaylin taken possession of the student's body? Will we see he rreturn?

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01.26.2021 , 02:11 AM | #2
Now that we know the name of the red head's model. any doubt I had is gone. It's 100% Vaylin.

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01.26.2021 , 08:58 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by fishpeople View Post
Now that we know the name of the red head's model. any doubt I had is gone. It's 100% Vaylin.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure its Vaylin too.
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01.26.2021 , 01:19 PM | #4
I wasn't too sure about this theory at first. Mostly because I didn't really pay enough attention to notice that the student who was thought to be dead was walking again in the ending scene.

Then I got the mail from Satele mentioning that her student was alive after all.

Needless to say, I'm now leaning towards this theory being true.