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Suggestions for Future Stories

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Suggestions for Future Stories

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01.26.2012 , 08:43 PM | #1
I have a lvl 34 trooper and a level 44 operative.

The operative can have several different personalities. He can be sublte, or he can be very blunt. He can do very smart things or very stupid things (do not mouth off to the sith, its unhealthy). His story has him making complicated decisions that come back later on and all have adverse side effects of one sort or another. He does not get praise unless he earns it and his companions have multiple layers of motive and character.

I wish I could say any of those things about the trooper. I understand that Spec-Ops doesn't recruit rougish characters, but does the trooper have to be such a rigid moron? Subtlety is NEVER an option. The convo options are either 1)total jerk 2)egomaniac 3)sir yes sir.

Worst of all the decisions have no consequence. The only decision that had me thinking for even a moment was whether to spare or kill a certain traitor on Tatooine, but even then it wasn't that big a deal and appears to have had no impact. The troopers storyline was great on Ord Mantel, the initial plot twist was unforseen and really had me wondering about motive, character, and what was to come in the future. Then the story line became a mix of run here, shoot that, get patted on the head by General Garza. Rinse repeat. It would have been awesome to delve into the motives of the traitors. It would have rocked to have some inflitrate/eliminate missions like the agent has left and right. Hell I would have settled for more then 1 plot twist in all of act 1.

And then there are the companions. Compared the to agent or the consular, the Trooper has very bland companions who lack any real personality of their own. The only real way to describe them is troopers. Put them all in similar armor and you can't tell them apart.

Bioware can tell great military stories, look at Mass Effect. Thats the sort of character I was expecting when I rolled a trooper. Shepard was military spec-ops after all. Instead I got an overglorified clone with no sense of humor who regularly gets outsmarted by just about everyone around him. Hell, I liked Tavus better then the trooper himself, Tavus was a believable character. A real scumbag, but a smart and human one.

1)Trooper dialog options lack intellect/one liners/subtlety/character
2)Companions bland in comparison to other classes
3)Story is impossibly predictable
4)Main approach is almost always brute force
5)Story lacks difficult decisions or consequinces.