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Started seeing "Sorc healer for..." for the first time last night.

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Started seeing "Sorc healer for..." for the first time last night.

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01.24.2012 , 04:18 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Dzhokhar View Post
Your points have some validity, however you're neglecting the following:

1) The Sage version of Revivification has an initial heal on top of the HoT (One would assume this will be fixed one way or another in a patch), and regardless of the initial heal, the HoT is front-loaded.
2) Which 3 targets in the AoE that Kolto Missile heals is completely random (including people at full health already).
3) Even if Revivification only hits 3 targets, it still heals for significantly more than Kolto Missile (on a per-second basis, and on a heals per fraction of the total resource pool basis).
4) Aiming an AoE with a travel time while on the go is harder than it looks (the Trooper version, Kolto Bomb has a noticeable travel time, I'm not sure about Kolto Missile).
Good points indeed. There is a lot to discuss and take into consideration. I feel that most of the issues with Kolto are not with the ability but bugs associated with the game itself.

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01.26.2012 , 05:01 PM | #52
Im a Merc Healer, and my 8 and 16 mans won't go without me. We have cleared EV and Karaggas on Normals and all but the final bosses on the HM. Your server may be over populated with Merc Healers, but i doubt that is the case, considering i've only seen 1 other on my server.

People think that "Oh AoE heal that heals everyone, even if it is for complete crap health, its better than any other class' healing"

Sorc tell me that the shield they have, is a joke. While it can help in a pinch, so can my instant cast heal, and its on a shorter CD. People say "Oh, well a sorc can battle rez" Thats great, but you can only use 1 battle rez per fight. 1 of your 8 people are bound to have it, having 2 people with it is pointless. "But wait, a Sorc has 600 force, where as a BH only has 100 heat to deal with" Its all the same, consumption % vs healing done are equal in both cases.

There are things the Merc brings to the table that no other class does, and it DOES make a difference. another way I can put it... is that in any boss fight, I can top my team off and DPS for a while, where as the Sorc cant.

Healers and tanks are always needed. But play what you will enjoy.
...Because I want to...

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01.26.2012 , 09:21 PM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by DrekorSilverfang View Post
Mercs do lack an interrupt, which is a big deal.
No it's not. The healer should be the last member of the group to rely on for interrupts.

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01.26.2012 , 09:39 PM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by Caelrie View Post
No it's not. The healer should be the last member of the group to rely on for interrupts.
In PvE. In PvP, more interrupts is always better, and everyone should use them.
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