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<506th Airborne> Military RP Guild Accepting all classes

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<506th Airborne> Military RP Guild Accepting all classes

Sevchencko's Avatar

12.19.2017 , 08:49 PM | #1
We are the airborne. We are the few. We jump from the skies into death below, and face our destinies with eager grins. We stand alone, for those who cannot.

-RP/PVE guild with PVP/GSF/FP on the side. We have a website, here: a discord server (join for link) and a Fully Furnished Stronghold. We're headed up Wilhelm Preacher (Ruine) and have a special rank system for Jedi that join, as well as a council and a traditional command structure for soldiers and smugglers. We are arranged much like the Republic will be in the Clone Wars... give us a try, you might find we're a novel bunch.

We Stand Alone, for those who cannot.