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Outer Rim Trading Company Republic RP/PVP Star Forge

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Outer Rim Trading Company Republic RP/PVP Star Forge

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12.11.2017 , 07:03 PM | #1
Back into SWTOR and hoping to get this RP guild off the ground!

The Outer Rim Trading Company (ORTC) is an association of captains and crews who have decided that it would be more profitable in credits and information to maintain a loose affiliation. In an attempt to maintain some sort of legitimacy they founded the Outer Rim Trading Company which mysteriously never shows any profit, but still runs successfully from year to year.

The Company is looking to bring on some more captains and hired muscle to work with in reaping the great potential for profit in the galaxy.

Captain Conagher is the current front man (his official title is Chairman or some nonsense) for the organization and keeps a not so tidy office off the promenade on Nar Shaddaa. Good luck finding him in the office.

  • Always remember it's a big galaxy
  • Always Make a Profit, be sure the juice is worth the squeeze
  • Don't double deal members of the company
  • If you gotta cut someone in on a deal, give members first shot at it
  • Don't lose your only ship in a card game, lose your ship and you lose your job
  • Don't be afraid to give help and call in those favors when you need help
  • If your running slaves or spice, make sure the office don't know
  • Hit what you aim at
  • When dealing with imps always have a "plan b" and a holdout blaster
  • Don't forget the bosses cut...
  • Most important: Always, and I mean always, Shoot First! You can't make credits if you’re dead.

OOC:I've been kicking around the idea of a smuggling RP/PvP guild for some time now. I finally made the move and have been leveling up a smuggler. I am hoping to find some like minded folks to join me and build a great smuggling community of spacers. I've only just created this guild and am still working on the details of how things will run so now would be a great time to join and help build it.

ORTC is of course great for Smuggler characters, but that does not mean other classes cannot join. They just need a way to fit into the organization. They could be a hired gun or bodyguard, they could be an ex-Jedi who works as a smuggler these days. Anyone with a ship can be a captain for hire as long as there are good RP reasons.

Just send me a tell if you are interested and we can share any ideas as well as see if there is a place in the company for you..

Captain Conagher