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Guild Flagships Need Bigger Docking Bays

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Guild Flagships Need Bigger Docking Bays

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10.21.2019 , 11:05 AM | #1
So I finally managed to unlock the Imperial guild flagship docking bays.

Naturally I tried to place my favorite class ship. It was too big. It was wider than the hangar bay doors.
I tried another class ship. It was taller than the hangar bay doors.
Koth's shuttle? Nope, too wide and too tall.
The Zakuul dropship wings stick right through the ceiling.

In fact, all of the ships appear to be too wide or tall to get through the door.
They also look really cramped in the small space.

That's seriously disappointing.

Devs, is there any chance, next time you're tinkering on the guild flagships (hopefully to increase the max hook count), make those docking bays and their doors a bit bigger?

You could scale down the class ships but that would look odd.

Perhaps maybe just give us one Imperial and one Republic shuttle as decorations, since a pair of them don't fit?

Maybe make it so we can change the Starship hook into one of those Centerpiece combo hooks, so we can use some of the other (smaller) vehicle decorations?

It would also be cool if the mount ships (IE: Corellian stardrive vehicles) could be used.
Unfortunately, if you move a short distance away from them, or you're in the upper observation room, they DISAPPEAR. So you can't even use mounts as ships.
Make them stay visible from much farther away and not go VROOM! every time they come into view?
Of course, you can only place them around the edges of the docking bay due to the static starship hook...

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