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How to: Get Daily and Black Hole Commendations [The Easy Way]

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How to: Get Daily and Black Hole Commendations [The Easy Way]

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05.11.2012 , 06:10 AM | #1
The grind for PvE gear in SWTOR requires a lot of time and patience so we tried to create two detailed guides on how you can get Daily and Black Hole Commendations in the easiest manner possible.
The first guide covers all of the Daily missions available on Corellia, Ilum and Belsavis with pics, maps, tables and useful tips on how to complete them faster. We also tried to create daily routes, in other words, the missions are presented in a logical order that mean shorter travel routes and as a result, saved time.

Corellia The Black Hole (9 Daily Commendations)


1. [HEROIC 4] End of Torvix
2. [AREA] Asset Liquidation
3. [DAILY] Control the Battlefield
4. [DAILY] Hypermatter Directive
5. [DAILY] No Trace Left
6. [DAILY] Glow


1. [HEROIC 4] Chasing the Shadow
2. [AREA] Criminal Crackdown
3. [DAILY] Counter Eco-Terrorism
4. [DAILY] Forced Labor
5. [DAILY] Stolen Victory
6. [DAILY] Eyes and Ears

Ilum (8 Daily Commendations)


1. [HEROIC 2+] Poisonous Strategy
2. [DAILY] Defend the Shipment
3. [DAILY] Operation Shatterstorm
4. [DAILY] Sabotage
5. [DAILY] Rightful Owner
6. [DAILY] A Tightened Grip


1. [HEROIC 2+] Darkness on Ilum
2. [DAILY] Jam the Transmissions
3. [DAILY] Pilot Down
4. [DAILY] A Fair Fight
5. [DAILY] Icy Destruction
6. [DAILY] Crystal Clear Sabotage

Belsavis (17 Daily Commendations)


1. [HEROIC 2+] Old Enemies
2. [HEROIC 2+] Lights Out
3. [HEROIC 2+] Freeing the Fallen
4. [DAILY] Invisible Threat
5. [DAILY] Unintended Consequences
6. [DAILY] Reluctant Volunteers
7. [DAILY] Ancient Transmissions
8. [DAILY] Found in Translation
9. [DAILY] Droid Malfunction
10. [DAILY] The Carriers of Xenovirus Prime
11. [DAILY] Deadly Mutations


1. [HEROIC 2+] A Lesson is Learned
2. [HEROIC 2+] Open Communications
3. [HEROIC 2+] The Stasis Generator
4. [DAILY] Emergent Medicine
5. [DAILY] Strengthening the Chain
6. [DAILY] Restraining the Darkness
7. [DAILY] Riot
8. [DAILY] Unheard Frequencies
9. [DAILY] Prison Repairs
10. [DAILY] Containing the Beast
11. [DAILY] Sleeping Rakata


Empire: [DAILY] Ascendant Pride
Republic: [DAILY] New Eclipse

By completing all of the dailies mentioned above you can get a total of 36 Daily Commendations/day ( be sure to check the Conclusions - section of our article for the tables that sum up the rewards from all of these missions.
The second guide presents all the missions and operations that yield Black Hole Commendations along with a cost study for Black Hole Gear. The two guides have a common area: completing the Daily missions in Corellia - The Black Hole. Those are a requirement for completing the [Weekly] Black Hole Crisis which gives you 6 BH Commendations as a reward, so you might want to pick up this weekly from the Horizon/Sentinel Outpost before heading out to do your dailies on Corellia if you also need BH Commendations.

Black Hole Commendations

There are 7 sources for Black Hole Commendations (that can be completed on a weekly basis):
1. [Weekly] Black Hole Crisis (6 BH Commendations)
2. [Weekly] Rakghoul Conflicts (8 BH Commendations)
3. [Weekly] Galactic Crisis Points (8 BH Commendations)
4. [Weekly] The Nightmare Pilgrim (4 BH Commendations)
5. Story Mode Explosive Conflicts (Denova) operation (20 BH Commendations)
6. Hard Mode Explosive Conflicts (Denova) operation (28 BH Commendations)
7. Nightmare Mode Karagga's Palace operation (12 BH Commendations)
You can find the full list of requirements and commendation rewards for each of the above mentioned sources here (

Black Hole Gear
1. As you may already know by now the name of the Black Hole Gear sets differs from their Columni/Rakata/Campaign equivalent, this issue being presented in the guide ( as a table that translates these differences.
2. Table with BH Commendations cost for each item.
To conclude, you will be able to get a maximum number of 86 Black Hole Commendations/week, while the full gear set costs 495 Commendations so you can get fully geared in about 6 weeks.
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05.11.2012 , 12:05 PM | #2
great info

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05.11.2012 , 07:25 PM | #3
Indeed, great job. A lot easier to get the dailies done with this guide.

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05.12.2012 , 01:28 AM | #4
Excellent guide thank you
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05.12.2012 , 02:24 PM | #5

You have done a wonderful job of organizing these resources; we love threads, such as this one, which help the community. We are adding this up as a 'sticky' thread!

Great Job!

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05.14.2012 , 11:07 PM | #6
The easy way would get some these new 50s geared in Fps so we can do more ops or Rackghoul conflicts im tired of running Black Talon runs cuz all u hired lvl geared poeple dnt wanna do anything but gear urself higher. Which slows the growth of game and people become bored and unsubsribe or start over on another sever cuz no 1 wants to do hms idk. 1.3 cant get here soon enough hope it isnt a let dwn!!!!!!!

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05.19.2012 , 09:30 AM | #7
Not gonna lie, but "black hole" is an awful name for the armor...

Don't get me wrong, it sounds awesome, looks awesome, and the stats are awesome,
You just spend very little time in the black hole to get them!

Very good job.
Ooh! In Elder Scrolls Online, I get magic spells and colossal PvP! That sounds cool, but one question, where do I get a lightsaber?
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05.27.2012 , 07:38 AM | #8
Very nice guide! Now I hope I can actually find some people to do the HM flashpoints with...

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06.06.2012 , 05:46 PM | #9
Note from a Sentinel to optimize your gear you will need more than 6 Weeks I think I will have optimized my stuff taking all the softcaps into account at the end of july

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06.08.2012 , 10:09 AM | #10
[DAILY]Glow - 1 Daily Commendation
Phase 1: Enter the mission area located south-east on the map just near the point where you finished the area quest.
Phase 2: Take the elevator down to the Pipeline Control Station Level 2 and just after you did that, in front of you, there will be a pack of mobs which you need to kill in order to Secure an Anti-Rad Injector.
Phase 3: After that, you need to Reroute the 4 Hypermatter Pipelines. The first controls for these pipelines are located behind the mobs you just killed. To get to the other 3 controls, you need to use your Anti-Rad Injector in order to survive the damage generated by the spill of chemicals on the floor. If you do not activate the injector, when you walk in the chemicals, you will receive some stacking debuffs that deal a large amount of damage. From your position at the first controls, 2 controls are located on your left side, and 1 in front of you just after the pool of chemicals.
​Tip: When you fight with the mobs that are near the left controls (2 and 3), don't stand on the metalic ramp during the fight because the chemicals will still damage you and burn your Anti-Rad Injector stacks.
There is an easy easy way.
  1. Enter area
  2. Kill first group
  3. re-route first one
  4. exit instance
  5. reset instance
  6. enter instance
  7. kill first group
  8. re-route 1-3 and die. You kill the first group because solo you can re-route the next two without killing anything before you die.
To do the above you need to "finish" this instance last. I collect all missions. Enter area and kill to this one. Start it and leave. Kill to Hypermatter Directive

[DAILY]Hypermatter Directive - 1 Daily Commendation
After you exit the Glow mission area, head north-east to Hypermatter daily.
Once inside, use the elevator to enter the Storage Facility Level 2 where you will need to Steal 5 Emergency Hypermatter Supplies.
There, head down the ramp where you will be able to see some little drones that drop from above and light an predefined area with red aoe. If you are detected by these drones, a strong difficulty droid will spawn every time you enter these areas. The supplies can be found all over this chamber.
After you complete the mission, head out to the [HEROIC 4]End of Torvix quest, for which you will need a group.
Note, all items in this can be gotten without tripping anything. If you have 4 people you can all go to separate box and not trip for faster completing. For two you stand on a box and won't get detected. For two you run in and out fast. One can just be gotten.

Exit, finish area one, EoT, than complete the run and die. Pop right back to base to complete.
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