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Class Changes in 6.1 - Feedback

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Class Changes in 6.1 - Feedback
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.16.2020 , 12:31 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Beyrahl View Post
Ionfall is not getting an auto crit or a super crit from superheated fuel, while firefall is. Please fix this.
Also can we please look at triple auto crit maul for assassin or the triple auto crit for concealment? Veiled strike tactical is too strong, spamming auto crits back to back period is too strong.

Quote: Originally Posted by Farferello View Post
So... nerfing Sorc whilst Deception Assassin's are still untouched? And then nerfing Acid Lash when one of the other tacticals is the main problem in pvp? ...Okay then.
And this.

Quote: Originally Posted by septru View Post
Completely agree with Hoppin. Polarity uptime was excessive, but damage overall is weak, except when using the elemental convection tactical in cleave situations. All of his suggestions should be regarded as the bible.
Even if you're both's obviously ridiculous that Bioware is even considering nerfing sorcs before nerfing deception sins and concealment ops.

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01.16.2020 , 12:50 AM | #22
Enduring Bastion (after Force Barrier) now absorbs roughly 18% less damage
BW, are you okay?

While the sorcerer changes may be intended to make Lightning sorcerer a bit more vulnerable, it'll make Madness even squishier in PVP. Madness is already in a not-so-spectacular place in ranked PVP, to put it lightly. Any chance it's defensives / DR could use some love while the Enduring Bastion changes are pushed to live?
Literally none of these changes address any of the balance concerns of 6.0. Who the hell is working on the combat team? Have they ever played pvp?

You're nerfing sorcs before nerfing assassins?
if anything madness needs a buff. This is gonna wreck it even more.

And not addressing sin burst issues what is going on?
Exactly. RIP Madness. I'm cancelling my subscription.

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01.16.2020 , 01:48 AM | #23
Well at least they finally fixed juggs this patch. Oh wait....

fabsus's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 02:12 AM | #24
why are you guys surprised?

they demonstrated it with every single balancing-patch,
that they don't have any idea of class balancing.

does anybody really believed in their promises to do fast
and smaller balancing changes to adjust them? it was, it
is and it always will be the way, that they do such heavy
changes, to brake complete classes, because they don't
have any idea of class balancing or how the classes are
working at all.

there is also no need to test any changes on the pts,
because they will ignore any feedback, like always.
the history of balancing changes just prove it.
Disclaimer: This is my opinion. <--This is my Ref-Link. Feel free to ignore or benefit from it.

winpersec's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 02:29 AM | #25
I was one of the last PvE Madness mains in 6.0, alongside with Griergar and couple more, I guess, and now you literally killed literally the most unpopular spec in the game, making it even less valuable than it is/was, being outperformed by everything else including some tanks in PvP btw.

GS was the only option to do okayish damage (even you had to cheese something and predict many things unlike juggs or snipers sitting in entrench), it gave us opportunity to have more sustained damage in price of nice mobility tool (nice irony with sin tanks), and now GS nerfed to dust, our single passive damage mitigating ability nerfed (Force Barrier is oh-crap-button itself though; Static Barrier is GCD waste unless you don't have sorc healer available (also his Deionized on you can screw it) and you see boss being ready to slap the dust out of you; Cloud Mind and Unnatural Preservation damage reduction are utilities, not built-in things and sometimes you have to trade those). The only way to play it now is to play with very strong teams (or literally #carried by normal classes), because one mistake from anybody with AoE under your feet, cleave from tank or bad healing and you can begin to ask for res, one mistake from you and your DPS is going to zero. Kinda mediocre joy of playing

I'm cancelling my sub, thanks for saving my money and nerves.

cflems's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 02:47 AM | #26
To summarize the PVP community's concerns:
- where are deception assassins on this list? death knell is overperforming ludicrously in pvp.
- you nerfed the wrong tactical for concealment operatives. volatile strike is the one that's broken (game breaking burst every 15 seconds; give the autocrit a cooldown or something.)
- why did you nerf enduring bastion? the problem with lightning is damage not survivability. after neutering dark heal and unnatural preservation (heal scaling AND we can't take the reduced CD util in ranked anymore) with 6.0 this feels unnecessary.
- nerf the duration of buffed polarity shift all you like (as I mentioned, the problem is damage) but please don't tighten the window to use it. gathering storm is gimmicky enough as it is and very often results in wasting a crucial survivability tool in service of damage. if there were any alternative set bonus for sorc dps it would be one thing, but as it stands...

let me know how I did.

AllisonLightning's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 03:24 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

Dev note: The healing changes below are part of ongoing balance changes to bring healers to their intended targets. Expect more healer changes and additional targeted class changes in a future update.

Can we get some sort of idea what you think 'intended' targets are for all three healers? Tanks are getting hit harder and while sorcs were more or less fine without just needing a better tactical, all except one healer class is effectively healing for less than last expansion. If you're buffing sorc/sage healer's bubbles (which might be a step in the too much direction) compared to simply buffing their force surge chance.

Operatives/scoundrels, for example are balanced in all but our burst (the loss of auto crit for Injection set bonus) and we can compensate for that somewhat- we've always been in a precarious position and are incredibly fragile to being broken either way. But even with periodic restoration or medtech- we are effectively healing less of the health pool in PvE compared to DTPS and that's before you touch PvP. Same goes for sorcs. The only healer overperforming is merc/commandos- mostly for that one tactical. All that needs to be done is to tweak that tactical because as always, whenever you break a healer having energy requirements, you break the healer.

But outside of that- healing got a broad nerf bat in 6.0 and I feel like we should know now what your thoughts are- is one healer branch overperforming, or are the other two underperforming or are you sort of nuts and think healers healing for less of a health pool need broad nerfs 5.x style?

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Ahwassa's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 03:52 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

  • Enduring Bastion (after Force Barrier) now absorbs roughly 18% less damage
  • Update to the Gathering Force 6pc set bonus: Using Force Speed now reduces the active cooldown of Polarity Shift by 5 seconds (down from 10 seconds). The duration of Polarity Shift is now increased by 5 seconds (down from 10 seconds) and requires Polarity Shift to be used while Force Speed is active.
  • Sustaining Darkness now heals for roughly 12% more
Gathering force nerf and Enduring Bastion nerf affects Corruption sorcerer.
We need a buff not a nerf.
Give us back the Roaming Mend + 1 tactical please.
Also how about you nerf Rocket fuel Vapor before you nerf sorcs?

nate_river's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 05:59 AM | #29
What is this? With all do respect but why are you nerfing Lightning and killing madness?
You know that all you need to do to bring sorcs dps to "good" spot is only to increase CD of force speed to 25 seconds... that's all balance done.
Why sins are not addressed while deception is literally broken and overpowered as hell?
BTW you guys nerf wrong tactical for operatives... you know that right?
So if you wanna balance class maybe first ask peoples who's playing your games on certain classes what need to be done to made really class balance...

Mora_new's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 07:00 AM | #30
Are you seriously? Why BW so hate Sage/Sorc class as DD?

This class was in top of DD classes only in Vanilla, after 3.0 and disciplines it was always less than AVG, after 6.0 same situation and you wanna nerf this? Why?

And problems with TK/Lightning? Ok, let's nerf all DD specs, GS set. Balance/Madness: what are we doing wrong?
And still no defs. Return me normal absorb numbers from Force armor/Static barrier. In beginning of the game HP was 15k, absorb from Force armor 3.5-5k, 20-30% like shield probe of smuggler, and smuggler's ability still absorbs normally, but bubbles absorbs from patch to patch lesser and lesser and almost useless now, maybe only flash bubble in PvP can be useful, but only effect from flash, not as def ability. That's why modern heals almost forgot about using bubbles.

Okay, nerf GS but give alternative, i hate this set because I must use FS on cd, it's one of the best mobility skills and with this set i can't it use when i need this ability, or do all sets on other classes with inconvenient sets, like buff to sniper only after roll, buff to opers only after roll, not just like now Established Foothold, almost classes must do nothing for good DMG, but sorcs must use mobile ability for damage? Why are you kidding us? WE must use some stupid buffs like this and we are not even close to top damage dealers.

PvP. Are you seriously? How about Established foothold and Marksman spec? 23/35 seconds they are immune to CC and interrupt, it works as intended? Or sin burst, you wanna watch duel between sorc and sin in deception? it would be like this: sin uses shroud and immune to everything that can do sorc for 5 seconds, and after this 5 seconds sorc have 50% HP, after this restealth with 2 seconds of shroud, situation can repeat with tactical for 2 restealthes and after that sin still have 100% HP, sorc have maybe little bit more than 20%, sin still have almost from his arsenal of CC and def abilities, nice picture BW.

And what about Sage/Sorc heal? Yes, they deserved nerf, but not like this, all tacticals useless, and it can't normally heal in PvE/PvP. Yeah, and with heals you nerfed DD specs in PvP, before 6.0 I needed to use Benevolence/Dark heal 5-6 times for heal myself for full HP, but now I must use it much more times and after that i have no HP and no force. And few years sorcs in face to face battle is free frag for all, especially madness/balance, give us something or return normal numbers of bubbles. About kite and roots, in good times I can use roots for make distance before me and melee, now melee always in their distance, not mine, because all melee have many distance cutters and have immune to CC or roots.

And about using Polarity Shift/Mental Alacrity when we using FS, how do you imagine that? Maybe sniper must use his buffs in roll? I wanna see it. More changes, more stupid decisions and SWTOR will die faster.