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Can't decide

Deesixdamager's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 01:05 PM | #1
Having just fled WoW as my favorite classes are not considered 'optimal' and therefore sidelined, i'm hoping to avoid the same situation in SWTOR. I enjoy playing Healers/Tanks in group content more than DPS. I don't really enjoy PvP, so that is a non-factor.

That being said, I currently am going back and forth between a Shadow (tank) and a Scoundrel (healer) (both are still quite low-level) which class is more desirable for endgame PVE content ? Personally, I think they are both fun, but want to settle on one to level up and learn the game on.

Thanks for any input!

Berntk's Avatar

01.16.2020 , 02:01 PM | #2
Tanks are always in demand at endgame; MM FPs and Ops. However, I would not level as a tank, or a healer for that matter, as it's much slower than dps. Vet mode fps don't need either, as they're role neutral, and have Kolto stations. You can always change specs later, the cost depending on whether you sub or not, but I'd respec to dps for leveling .
EDIT: However, you get a much better understanding of your chosen class if you level in the role you intend to fill; leveling speed be damned...

sharkfishman's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 02:22 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Berntk View Post
EDIT: However, you get a much better understanding of your chosen class if you level in the role you intend to fill; leveling speed be damned...
This isn't really true.

Leveling as a healer is fairly pointless, as you don't have access to most of your larger heals and/or power management abilities until you reach max level. This means you can't really get a feel for most of the techniques you use to actually keep a group alive once you get to endgame. The only thing you really can practice is keeping an eye on your teammates health, even though you can't really do much else about it, lol.

Leveling as a tank is even more pointless. For one thing, you won't practice any proper positioning techniques because your teammates won't wait for you to LOS mobs that will die in 3 seconds, lol. Secondly, you don't have the DCDs to actually survive long in extended fights. Third, vet content you're running doesn't have required roles, so the chances you'll get a healer who will heal you is not great, either. That means that you're just slowing the group down by having to heal yourself, pull, heal yourself, pull, etc.


If you love tanking in WOW, go with a tank class that fits your preferences. Shadow tanks are purely melee and require following a rotation. Vanguard tanks have a mixture of melee and ranged abilities, as well as a pull.

Tanking requires good situational awareness in this game, the ability to react quickly, and especially a good knowledge of each and every mechanic in fights (there are less mechanics in easier raids, and more in harder ones, but they all have some kind of mechanic tanks need to know about).

If you prefer the healing support role, you won't need to know as much about fights, but instead know your healing abilities closely. You need to worry about power management, healing the right people with the right powers (for buffs) and moving around somewhat to avoid dangerous areas.

Right now, commando healers are the best at burst healing, with many cast-time abilities. Personally, I find scoundrel healers the most difficult of all three, because their playstyle relies on healing over time and predictive heals. They can put out great numbers, but you need to be aware of incoming damage more.

The most important thing for tanking/healing I would recommend is to get into a good guild. Level your character to lvl 70 or 75 as dps, paying attention to mechanics everywhere possible. At lvl 70, then start tanking/healing master mode flashpoints with guild members. They tend to be more patient and can explain mechanics if it's your first time. Many guilds run story mode operations (8 or 16-man raids) together, which is another excellent opportunity to get a feel for mechanics.

Welcome to the game, btw!
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