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How do I know what patch I have installed?

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How do I know what patch I have installed?

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06.24.2018 , 08:23 AM | #1
When I initially downloaded the game I ran into a heap of trouble with the streaming client, that I couldn't solve, even though I followed every recommendation I could find on this site, as well as on the EA help site.
I only managed to fix things, and finally leave Tython, after I followed the instructions on replacing the streaming client with the non-streaming one.
I was playing the game (I'm currently hunting datacrons on Taris, after completing the main storylines on the planet), and as I was launching I noticed that the client was showing me a link to the patch notes of the 5.7 patch. Now, I know that the current patch is 5.9.1a, so does that mean my game is only patched to 5.7? How do I find out for certain?

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06.24.2018 , 09:10 AM | #2
I just checked my Launcher and it also mentions the patch notes for 5.7. I can only assume it's a glitch. I can't find any place (in-game) that gives the current patch status, but I would guess that it has to be up to date to run at all.
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06.24.2018 , 11:19 AM | #3
OK. Thanks for replying!