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11.01.2012 , 07:07 AM | #1
Here i will be posting some knowledge that you can incorporate in either you personal lore or your guildlore

Warning: this tread might contain spoilers

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11.01.2012 , 07:22 AM | #2

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11.01.2012 , 07:50 AM | #3
I will detail the Jedi Council here, there are 4 Councils which are the following:
Jedi High Council: comprised of 12 Jedi Masters who guide the Order and advice the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. 5 members where permanent, 4 members where long-term and 2 members where limited-term
Council of First Knowledge:comprised of 5 members of which 1was permanent, the Caretaker of First Knowledge, they oversee the Jedi Academy's and the proliferation of knowledge and the storage in the Jedi Archives
Council of Reconciliation: comprised of 5 members of which 2 where permanent, they worked closely with the Republic Diplomatic Corps and sought peaceful solutions to political debates that arose between different parties or different local governments. they would also pass judgement over Jedi accused of falling for the Dark-side or having committed crimes.
Council of Reassignment: comprised 5 members of which 2 where permanent. Any Jedi Initiate who failed there Jedi Initiate Trail or where not chosen as Padawan where assigned by them to the Jedi Service Corps wich they oversee

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11.02.2012 , 05:16 AM | #4
I'm going to talk here about Jedi locations ( up to TOR)

Temple Ruins (Corusant): The site of the Temple where the Order was located up until the Sacking when it was abandoned.
Jedi Temple (Tython): The Jedi Order was founded on Tython but later abandoned, after the Sacking the Order sought a new home and found it at Tython where they constructed a new Temple.
Ossus: This is the place where the Jedi went to after they abandoned Tython, it contained Knossa Spaceport, Imhar Canyon (where in submerged cavesJedi Master Gar Anstak had offices) and the Great Jedi Library but the planet became devastated when Exar Kun destroyed the Cron Cluster.
Jedi Enclave (Dantooine): Overseen by the Dantooine Jedi Enclave Council (a subset of the High Council, comprising of 4 Master's, it ran the training at the Enclave and was responsible for the administration there but it also supervised other academy councils like the Tarisian Jedi Council) bombarded in 303 BTC and reopened after 29 BTC.
Arca Jeth's praxuem: located on Arkania it was founded by Jedi Master Arca Jeth
Jedi Training Facility (Bogden 3): located on Bogden 3
Culu Memorial Center: located on Alpheridies. During the Great Sith War, Mandalorian Crusaders conquered the planet afterwich the Galactic Republic retake the planet and the Order established Colu Memorial Centre for training.
Jedi Enclave(Bespin): It was located on Bespin
Jedi Enclave (Mustafar): located on Mustafar, it was ruined when the planet became devastated
Jedi Academy (H'ratth): located on H'ratth and founded in 349 BTC it was staffed by Jedi Healers where they learned there skills
Jedi Temple (Alaris Prime):located on Alaris Prime it was it was destroyed long ago
Kamparas Jedi Training Center: One of the most important academy's after Corusant and Ossus it was know for it's specialisation in data collection and storage. Initiate Clans would also come here to train
Jedi Tower: located on Taris it was also known as the Taris Academy, it was headed by the Tarisian Jedi council which held 5 members. It's destroyed when Taris got slagged
Telosian Jedi Academy: located on Telos IV, it had a council chamber but it's unknown if the was a council presiding
The Jedi Temple (Ilum) is built in a cave and is the location where Jedi gather crystals and build there lightsaber
Jedi Monument (New Holistice): A large column of light, a Jedi would whisper the name of a deceased Jedi to a memory moth and release it in to the shaft to commemorate the fallen Jedi
There are also several Jedi chapter houses wich are overseen by the Council of First Knowledge, there is 1on Aleen, 1 on Antar4 (where also Antarian Ranger are), 1 in Montroll City on Gandle Ott, 1 near Rhire on Rhinnal (here Jedi Healer are also taught) and 1 on Taanab which is in use for the Agricultural Corps

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11.04.2012 , 08:28 AM | #5
Here I'm going to talk about the Republic Military which is headed my the Minister of Defence and the Ministry of Defence (which includes the post of Defence Ministry Director of Public Information, unknown if it's part of the General Ministry or the Office of the Supreme Chancellor)

The Supreme Commander is the head of the Republic Military and is held first by Ranst, followed by Stantorrs (afterwich Ranst briefly regained the post) and finally Jace Malcom

The Republic Strategic High Command is the highest level of command within the Republic Military, General Callan Grayne is apart of it. The War Trust is a division of it responible for for most of the Galactic Republic's military innovations and tactics, it consist of 4 generals: Elaxis Frellka, Minst, Durant and Faraire.

Republic Army: Within the army there is a clear distinction between combat troops and support aswell as command personnel, as such combat troops fight on the battlefield and the support and command personnel remained far from the battle. This means that it is very rare to find any person from the rank of Lieutenant on the battlefield. The army is divided as follows:
Corps: these consisted of all the forces present in a given region and is named after the planet where it has his headquarters. It is headed by a General but he redirects the order straight to the Brigadier.
Brigade: Headed by a Brigadier with it's own headquarters it consisted of between 4 and 9 Battalions (1000 to 5000 troops). It's missions are large scale landing operations, raids and occupation with there command and control directed from a navy vessel if present.
Battalion: consisting of Squad ranging from 25 to 40 it is led by a Major, it is here that specialisation is allowed.
Squad: consisting of 8 to 12 infantry and led by both a Sergeant and a Corporal
Also included is the Republic Special Forces Division headed by General Elin Garza and the Republic Army Personnel Division which is responsible for dealing with Republic Military personnel and traitorism within there ranks.

Republic Navy: Oversight is handled by the Senate Naval Subcommittee and appropriations are handled by the Procurement Panel of the Senate Naval Subcommittee, overall command is with the Admiral of the Fleet (which is a political position, held by Master Oteg). Below that are the Core World navy's each headed by the Admiral of the Coreworlds (while he is technically is charge of all ships in his sector of operations he seldom does only when interfering with local politics). Further down are the various Fleets commanded by Admiral's, Vice Admiral's and Rear Admiral's, there is no set size for each Fleet with each Admiral given the command of a number of sector's. Captain's are given command of individual ship's although smaller ships can be commanded by a Commander.

Republic Starfighter Corps: Squadrons are the highest formation and are lead by a Commander.

Republic Strategic Information Service: More commonly know as SIS (Strategic Information Service), it was originally the monitoring and deciphering branch of the Library of the Republic. It was expanded for the Great Galactic War. It is headed by the Director of Intelligence (currently Marcus Trant) and headquartered at the Heorom Complex below him was the Director of Coreworld Operations (currently Harson Nild) and the Director of Mid Rim Operations (currently Ardun Kothe), planetary operation are overseen by Bureau Chief's who supervises Special Agent's and Agent's . It's duties where management of networks, counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence, military intelligence and assisting local law enforcement agencies. It had a safe house on Nar Shaddaa's Promenade and a base in Shadow Town on the moon, also is there a safe house on Ord Mantell and a camp on Voss.

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11.09.2012 , 09:12 AM | #6
General Ministry: headed by the First Administrator and various Senate Committee"s had oversight and financial authority over the corresponding Ministry's. There are several Ministry's that fall under it:
Ministry of State
Ministry of Finance: Headed by the Minister of Finance it is the civilian monetary and financial service for the Galactic Republic. It's unknown if they have ties with the InterGalactic Banking Clan.
Ministry of Commerce: Headed by the Minister of Commerce it was the civilian agency responsible for commercial affairs, it was unknown if it had ties to the Commerce Guilds.
Ministry of Science and Education: headed by the Minister of Science and Education it deals with civilian affairs involving science and education and presumably funded Republic related schools, academy's, libraries, museums and university's including General Ministry's Institutes which include the following:
Extragalactic Society: (or simple ExGal) was devoted to the search of life outside the galaxy
Mrlsst Center for Linguistic Studies: It is devoted to create a database that contained a listing and cross-translating of every form of verbal communication. It trains diplomats and merchants throughout the galaxy
Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design

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11.10.2012 , 05:54 AM | #7
The Office of the Supreme Chancellor has 2 meanings, first it refers to the institution and position of the Supreme Chancellor itself, secondly, more common, it's the combined aides, staff and government agency's directly subordinate to the Supreme Chancellor and as the de facto (if not de jure) executive branch of the Galactic Republic.
The Chancellor is supported by the Staff Aide (who is the head of the staff and the Chancellor's deputy in the Office and the Vice-Chair. the office had several organisations subordinate to it:
BoSS: The Bureau of Ships and Services is responsible for assigning transponder codes to starships and tracking there movement trough space, it fielded offices at every mayor spaceport. They kept information on starship registration, transponder codes, captains flight certifications and listings of all weapon loadouts on all registered ships as well as data on hyperlanes stored in navigation computers
Corusant Health Administration:headed by the Madxec they are responsible for the health care of the Corusanti citizens, they where also responsible for running several medcenter. Corusant Health Officials are officials responsible for monitoring the health of the population.
Corusant Ministry of Ingress: A law enforcement agency and headed by a First Minister they are responsible for monitoring immigration and emigration to and from Corusant and maintaining a equilibrium between them even arresting criminals who wants to enter or leave Corusant. They have several offices at the Financial District.
Republic Measures&Standards Bureau: is responsible for maintaining common units of measurement, including time (presumably also weight, money and similar items)
Republic Spacelane Bureau: they process and map the galaxy and it's hyperroutes.
Senate Support Services: they provide technical assistance to government projects

The Vice-Chair also had his own office, the Office of the Vice-Chair
Ministry of Science: located at the Miniscry Arcoligy it was headed by the Minister of Science.

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11.11.2012 , 09:46 AM | #8
A Jedi will progress in this manner:
Jedi Initiate: This is the earliest state of training and comprises the youngest members until they pass the Initiate Trails, they are formed into clans where they live together 24/7.
Jedi Padawan:after passing the Initiate Trails they get chosen by there master as there Padawan (If they fail there Initiate Trail or do not get picked the Council of Reassignment refer them to the Jedi Service Corps)who would continue his/here teaching until the Padawan Trail.
When a Padawan passes his/here Padawan Trail he/she is Knighted and recieves the rank of Jedi Knight they would chose one of 3 fields of specialisation and could take a Padawan of there own.
When a Knight successfully trained a Padawan to become a Knight he/she receives the rank of Jedi Master. while this is the highest a Jedi can reach the High Council would select one possesses the strongest mind and incomparable mastery of the Force and name him Grand Master (who is undisputed leader), in addition to that the High Council and the Council of First Knowledge can appoint a leader to guide discussions and moderate debates, in case of the High Council he is named Master of the Order (usually the Grand Master), Council of First Knowledge is led by the Caretaker.

The fields of study go like this:
Jedi Guardian:emphasis on the combat (most skilled and most learned Jedi Master held title of Battle Master) they have the following patways:
Jedi Weapon Specialist: they studied combat with more exotic weapons (inplace of a lightsaber)
Jedi Instroctor: thet teach the Initiate's and the Padawans. there are many specialised fields including: politics, lightsaber combat, unarmed combat and sciences.
Jedi Ace: focus on space combat and fill the ranks of the Jedi Starfighter Corps.
Jedi Peacekeeper:focused on police and security operations and would work with local law enforcement agency's. a group is stationed at the Temple and many work with the Temple Security Force
Jedi Consular: overseen by the Council of Reconciliation they seek diplomatic measures in spreading peace and harmony, they work closely with the Republic Diplomatic Corps (the most skilled and learned are called Sage Master). they have the following pathways:
Jedi Ambassador: are the public face for the republic and travel to newly discovered systems or government palaces of those who lobby for membership in the Republic. Occasionally a Jedi Ambassador would be assigned as a personal advisor for a senator
Jedi Artisan: work creatively in the field of crafting lightsabers but sometimes other items to.
Jedi Diplomat: send into tense situations to force a compromise and end the threat of bloodshed, they work with the Republic Diplomatic Corps. Although related to the Jedi Ambassador they take a more direct approach, not working as a intermediary, they are the voice of the Republic and can make legal decisions without conferring with the Senate.
Jedi Healer: choose to amplify there healing-techniques every Jedi learns, they work within the Circle of Healers and the Medical Corps.
Jedi Lore Keeper: are involved with the knowledge in the Order and are further divided in:
Jedi Archivist: remain close to the Temple Archive or go afield with the Exploration Corps.
Jedi Historians: are dedicated to researching the history of the Jedi Order
Jedi Librarian: are dedicated at safeguarding and updating the Jedi Archives.
Jedi Researcher: work to improve the Archive trough theory and science and is further divides as such:
Jedi Archaeologist;: they work with the Exploration Corps and all aremember of the Academy of Jedi Archaeology, there is a special division for xenoarchaeology.
Jedi Astronomer: resopnible for plotting routes to Jedi-held planets, experts at locating black holes and quasars they often roam the Outer Rim plotting new routes or are at the Temple updating and maintaining the holographic displays.
Jedi Liturgist: study alien languages
Jedi Biologist: are experts in the field of biology.
Jedi Geologist: work closely with Agricultural Corps they are specialist in the field of geology and help identify minerals in the soil that help plant growth.
Jedi Seer: are responsible for receiving Force Visions and interpreting them for the High Council and Council of First Knowledge, those capable of foreseeing the future are called Prophets
Jedi Sentinel: seek a balance between the 2 others and have following pathways:
Jedi Investigator: work with local law enforcement agency's and are charged with rooting out threats with there investigative skills and there Force ability's.
Jedi Recruiter: seek out new recruits for training in the Order they are members of the Acquisition Division.
Jedi Shadow: sought out and destroyed everything about the Sith and other Dark-siders
Jedi Watchman: opted to stay in one place and operated alongside a sector or system government to ensure diplomacy was maintained in all matters,they would also oversee testing and reporting of all Force-sensitive children born in their sector turning them over to the Acquisition Division.
There are other specialisations as well. The Technical Division is staffed by tech experts specialist specialised in maintaining droids and other mechanicals. there are also security expert ans slicers who don't work with the Force. The Quartermaster ensures that all the Jedi equipment is up-to-date and that the storehouse are well-kept with the latest technology

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11.13.2012 , 02:18 PM | #9
The Jedi Service Corps is overseen by the Council of Reassignment and made up of people who failed the Ininitate Trails or where not chosen as Padawan although there where also full Jedi serving and comprises of the following divisions with each part overseen by a special council:
Agricultural Corps headed by the Council of AgriCorps Masters (this one of few who had members who where not Masterbut even still Padawan), they work in conjunction with the Republic Agricultural Administration to provide healthy crops for the under-privileged star systems suffering from blight or natural disasters. They had Agricultural Corps Research Laboratories at the Jedi Temple on Corusant, they also maintain research along the Salliche Ag Circuit and facilities at Ukio, Tanaab, Bandomeer, Marfa and Dilonexa. They have a branch of there own working with Jedi Geologists to discover secrets hidden in alien soil.
Exploration Corps: it has on every Ordinance/Regional Depot . The archaeological and research branch of the Jedi Service Corps it's members lived on board scout ships,and maintain a fleet of praxuem ships. They worked with the Republic Survey Corps and the Academy of Jedi Archaeology, the latter would uncover relics wit Explocorps before turning over finding to the Educational Corps. Also they worked closely with the Intergalactic Zoological Society and therefore had a facility on Mycroft. It's made up mostly of Jedi Ambassadors, Jedi Aces, Jedi Researchers and because they wander deep into uncharted territory they see the most combat out of all the Jedi Service Corps and therefore attract many ranking members
Medical Corps: headed by the Circle of Healers they are stationed at the Halls of Healing where they serve as medical technicians or assistants to the Jedi Healers that roam the Halls, they often also deploy to the field during conflict to serve as triage surgeons
Educational Corps:. headed by the Chief Librarian it was made up of teachers, librarians and scholars, they provide instruction to the disadvantaged on countless worlds.

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11.29.2012 , 05:32 AM | #10
The Corusant Security Force is a police/paramilitary force charged with regular patrol of Galactic City, criminal investigations, counter-terrorism an counter-intelligence operations, crowd control, diplomatic protection, maintaining the world's skylanes and in some cases military protection of Corusant. It is headed by the Chief of Security (currently Captain Winborn). It is further divided in:
Special Weapons Team is a specialized rapid response, bomb disposal and tactical entry units for the CSF
The Anti-Terrorism Unit preforms counter-intelligence work and combats terrorism networks on Corusant
The Organised Crime Unit countered complex criminal organisations that proved to be far more a treath then small time crimes.
Traffic Division monitors the skylanes and enforce speed limits and other traffic laws
The Forensic Unit handled all evidence collected
There where several Corusant Police traing academy's
The Customs Enforcement Division preformed custom duty's
Corusant Control is the space traffic central control for CSF and monitors space traffic coming in or out of Corusant, Orbital Security Stations call Control to report in.
Corusant Security Force Dispatch is the dispatch and central communication system for CSF
CSF also maintained the Corusant Security Force Database which is comprehensive
Corusant Security Force Headquarters is the base of operation where CSF's commanders have there offices, also are there offices and briefing rooms for the Anti-terrorism Unit, Organised Crime Unit and the Chief of Detectives(he commands all detectives and hands out assignments). There is also a Corusant Security Force Divisional Headquarters in Quadrant A-89 where the Forensic Unit operates a morgue, and there was a second Corusant Security Force Divisional Headquarters (location unknown)