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Outer Rim Exports ( the ends justify the means )

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Outer Rim Exports ( the ends justify the means )

EugrobDarkdust's Avatar

02.15.2019 , 07:39 PM | #1
Outer Rim Exports ( ORE ) is a new Republic guild with a mixed array of skills, and in search of people who understand that sometimes you got to cross the line for the grater good . We that operates in most playstyles that the game offers. If you think the the ends justify the means (ORE) might be what you are looking for. We have all the normal things guilds brag about, Guild Ship and Stronghold, Discord, bonuses to exp and reputation, blah blah blah. What we see as important is what we require and what we offer. First, we require nothing. You do what you want, when you want how you want. No required builds or schedule. Play or don't play, whatever. But, what we offer is something else. When we do get together we will help however we can. We can explain to you not only what you could be doing better in a particular instance, but also the why. We can teach you to tank, heal or DPS. We can explain end game gearing and how to put credits in the bank. You have questions we have answers. And yes, we ARE the people they warned you about. Oh, and even if you choose not to join, we will still help. Itís crazy, I know.

Bickystarwars's Avatar

01.25.2020 , 07:27 PM | #2
I was intrigued by the guild name since I have a smuggler. I popped into the Discord and there was... no one. It's a ghost town. Correction, 1 fella screaming something about it's his guild and everyone get out, lol. There was more and I wanted to ask what was the deal on those posts but his handle said Do Not Disturb, so I left it alone and him too. *shrugs.