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Returning player after the Northern California wildfires, many changes!

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Returning player after the Northern California wildfires, many changes!

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07.31.2019 , 06:16 PM | #1
Hi, it has been a few years since i actually wanted to play Swtor and so many changes that i am looking forward to and i still haven't finished all the class stories, recommend a story?

My story in the Northern California wildfire.
November 8th 2018 the northern california town of Paradise California (11 miles east of Chick California) was destroyed by the worst fire in recorded California history known as the "Camp Fire" it was the worst day in my life to date, instead of me typing out what happened i'm going to just copy and paste from my Facebook because it shows the state of mind & the emotional level i was in.

Copy & Paste:
Every thing is gone all gone in the Camp Fire at Paradise Ca, we got a picture of our house we rented and its a pile of smoldering ash.

On Nov 8th at about 9am we had to evacuate from Paradise Ca with hundreds of people stuck in traffic we waited about 3 hours and moved a few hundred feet, we finally got on to Clark Rd near Skyway Rd when a sheriff passing through yells "get out of your cars and run, move to the Optomo parking lot!" I was like oh crap now this just got serious, so me and my brother grab each arm of our disabled mother and start dragging her with the other groups of people and she was already having breathing issues, we made it to the cross streets of Skyway and Clark Rd Paradise Ca at the Optomo parking lot where about 150+ people were running to and after about 15 minutes the three firefighters and one sheriff already on location told every body to get in the middle of the parking lot and huddle down low as possible the heat of the fire you could feel over 100 feet away and with the propane tanks exploding every 1 minute and the extreme heat that the fire had was creating it's own storms so that was cracking and popping which I had never heard before, things took a turn for the worse when the firefighters told us they want us to gather close in the center of the parking lot and they ordered a water drop directly on us from the Cal Fire Copter to save us if the fire gets closer, at this point it was complete chaos "it was so bad the pets and dogs pissed and crapped all over them selves and shaking like a leaf" and I figured this was it I am going to die, I am going to die and not a dam thing I can do about it and that is where I fell it depressed state at that point.

At that point of the water drop (which was on stand-by) the three firefighters seen the issue was dire with elderly and disabled so they called in some back up and oh boy oh boy did the back up come! they called in a total of 13 vehicles a mixed emergency vehicles of fire, sheriff, police, fire marshal and one forest ranger and they knocked out the fires for 8 hours around us to keep us safe in the Optomo buildings until Clark Rd southbound was cleared then escorted us on Clark Rd where we observed Comcast, PG&E, AT&T and several other 3rd party standing in the line of fire to allow us to get passed the torched power line poles hanging not 2 feet from our car windows, smoldering power poles, and cars totally gutted by the fire after swerving through Clark Rd we got to Chico Ca 10 hours later, the normal drive from Paradise Ca to Chico Ca is 11 miles or 31 minutes. We four adults lived but very scarred now and inhaled smoke but we are Okay!
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08.07.2019 , 01:25 PM | #2
welcome back!

sorry to hear about all the misfortune. happy to have you back in the battle

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08.09.2019 , 03:36 PM | #3
I live in Roseville, CA, roughly ninety minutes from the Chico area and everywhere around us during that time, there was smoke. It was almost as if it was a cold winter day and the fog was everywhere, except it wasn't fog. Certain parts of the day, we could barely see across the road from our shop, maybe a hundred yards away. I can only imagine what you all went through. We also have friends in Redding and they said the same thing, they could hardly see anywhere. It's good that you all made it out alive. The people in uniform are always the unsung heroes and it sounds like they came to the rescue once again.

Regarding the classes and stories. I mainly play the Republic side, but I do remember the Imp side pretty well and the BH and Agent stories were very good. Republic side, Guardian/Sent story was very good. It's all subjective though as you might find those boring.

Welcome back to the game.
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09.05.2019 , 10:14 AM | #4
Welcome back.

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09.06.2019 , 11:08 AM | #5
You got lucky and it could of been a lot worse, i say that because the Bahamas got hit by a windy funnel yesterday and they lost everything out there and a lot of people lost their lives as well. Yes, the story is bad for a cut and paste story, however you survived and life goes on. I'm hesistant to state that the wildfire should not be used as an excuse for a return or why you left SWTOR because you are here and now, and that the wildfire as you pointed out was a while back so i don't see what that has to do with your return at this point.

As far as SWTOR is concerned? Imperial agent storyline as the most intrigue and facets to it, it also has the most effect on choices you make as it branches out, outside the vanilla storyline, initial contact with Darth Marr at Makeb and into SoR as well.

Sith warrior, Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Knight are the next best. BH, Smuggler and Trooper storylines are just average for the most part and the last on the list, the rather boring Jedi Consular class.

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09.06.2019 , 03:14 PM | #6
Welcome back.
Everyone will give you different opinions on the stories, my fave being the INQ. I enjoyed the agent somewhat but found parts of it boring. But to really enjoy the stories, try all the different angles. Especially playing an alignment opposite of what is the 'norm' for the char. I played a light side Warrior, it was fun to see the surprise on peoples faces during some of the cut scenes, also vette gets less gobby when you light side, she so flustered she doesn't know what to

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09.06.2019 , 04:24 PM | #7
I liked SWs and BHs the best, I've made the most of those. At the bottom are SIs, and the rest are all middling, as far as story goes. As far as gameplay goes, SI/JCs and BH/Troopers are my favorite.

It's worth noting that if you like stealthers, stealthing sometimes doesn't work in the kotfe/et expansions, which limits their value.
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