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is frontal maul a good thing for sinns?

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is frontal maul a good thing for sinns?

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01.31.2018 , 01:55 PM | #1
i mean i like but is it a blindsideed nerf? pl help me understand it

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02.01.2018 , 12:00 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by chrishill View Post
i mean i like but is it a blindsideed nerf? pl help me understand it
The previous Maul, with positioning restriction used to deal a fix amout of damage (100% Damage). The current Maul will deal different damage depending of your positionning :
-Front Maul will deal roughly 90% of the damage dealt by the original Maul.
-Back Maul will deal approximatively 105-110% of the damage dealt by the original Maul.

Basically you still want to be behind the opponent to hit, that's certain. But before when the opponent was facing you, you couldn't use Maul at all.
I prefer dealing a bit less damage rather than no damage at all
But try to stick to the back of bosses as much as possible for dps. As for tank you don't care about Maul, it has a low priority on your ability list and has a passive that makes it deal «back» damage regardless of positioning.
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02.11.2018 , 06:08 PM | #3
There are very few bosses/encounters, where it is not helpful to have front-maul available. E.g. Terror From Beyond Last Boss. You currently don't know, wether you are behind a tentacle on the upper floor, or, if you are standing in front of it. You can probably check the damage numbers and compare them with the usual behind-numbers, however, it is not as intuitional as it was before.
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02.11.2018 , 09:24 PM | #4
@supertimtaf I’d say they are more like 70% and 100%.

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02.13.2018 , 01:22 AM | #5
In PVP the positioning could be hindered by players latency/old tech and the possibility or accusation of hacking. Most of the time it was an extra wide gap between the mediocre and best players that does not exist with the "auto target" standards of the game. I am sure it is less pronounced in PVE but still exists, especially in group finder when you need somebody to hit for something.
I like the way that they did not remove, but modified it so folks are not left holding the bag. I personally shell out the money for a decent machine and connection and live below the poverty line, but we do need folks staying in the game to get both PVP and PVE groups together.
I personally have a sin and a merc because I for other reasons they are either top or bottom (no pun) at different times, but always fun to play.
Class change and balance is a never ending family feud.
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03.07.2018 , 03:14 AM | #6
You definitely want to maul the enemy in the back because you will deal way more damage, but I have done 23k frontal maul so wth, just maul when it procs and don't waste time; time is DPS.