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Ilove my sinn

chrishill's Avatar

04.04.2018 , 04:17 PM | #1
I just came back to the game and I still love my SINN ..I see they have been thourgh the Nerf grinder ...but I still love those sneaky suckers(deception) tho I see hatred gotten a stronger and ...and darkness is better too.I have 230 gear just need to research on how to gear and augment IM BACK SINN 4LIFE ,NIGHT MISS,STARFORGE

Equeliber's Avatar

04.04.2018 , 04:49 PM | #2
Sins are in a solid spot right now. A bit weak in PvP as DPS but there is always a dirty skank tank option.

Deception and hatred are both middle-of-the pack choices for PvE, so just play which you want. Good sin won't be denied a spot in an ops team.
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