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Neulwen's Avatar

03.25.2018 , 08:23 PM | #1
Can we please have Shiv back? I still really miss it, and still get the urge to use it when running by an enemy. I don't understand why it was removed? It was such a nice flavour thing for the class. Looked really cool and sensible that the sniper used his vibroknife when in close quarters. Shooting with the rifle at that range looks pretty silly.

Michan's Avatar

03.26.2018 , 01:36 PM | #2
Yes! Bring Shiv back, it was such an amazing and cool ability to use when you needed to go melee on their butts

Neulwen's Avatar

03.29.2018 , 01:43 PM | #3
It could be made a sniper/gs specific ability and do white damage, maybe even same amount as auto attack, if that is the problem? Completely non-essential. Just flavour. For those who want it. At least that. It would add to the class fantasy and the fun feel of the class. (Obviously, in gunslingers' case it would be what they used to have. (Was it blaster whip?))

Lack of Shiv was among the reasons that pushed me to quit playing a while back. I only returned recently. I still have an empty slot on my bar and keybinds to spare. Well, I am happy that at least we still use the knife for Maim, but really, the sniper should not be inept at also using their knife in melee range. Or they should at least use the rifle to whack enemies with in melee range.

Please let my sniper look good in melee range again.