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Rate the best class stories

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04.10.2017 , 02:24 AM | #231
1. Imperial Agent - 007 in Space with multiple endings, leveled 5 of them
2. Bounty Hunter - First toon did every side quest, leveled 6 of them
3. Sith Warrior - Love the betrayal and the end fight like a Rocky Movie, leveled 3 of them
4. Inquisitor - The Empires most respected Class from the way the Story unfolded felt like royalty, leveled 4 of them
5. Jedi Knight - This felt like what KOTOR 3 would've been like. Hardest ending fight of all classes, leveled 3 of them
6. Smuggler - Most forgettable story hard to follow ( a love story?), leveled 2 of them
7. Trooper - The grandma general or whatever she was constantly berated me, leveled 2 of them
8. Counselor - Most unlikable companions, ship felt like the Magic School bus with all the people on it, leveled 1 of them

I've noticed that most people like their first toon they leveled up the most. Worst thing you can do is tell someone 'they'll love the agent story' seems to get the opposite reaction. They end up saying it's okay.
I grok in fullness.
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04.10.2017 , 07:05 AM | #232
Now, what do you want, my subjective ratings or how the stories should be rated(objectively)? Ah, whatever, I'll do both of them:


1. Trooper
2. Smuggler
3. Jedi Knight
4. Bounty Hunter
5. Jedi Consular
6. Sith Warrior
7. Imperial Agent
8. Sith Inquisitor

And here is why:

Trooper: Look, I love Sly / Arnie movies they did in 80s / 90s. Rambo, Terminator and such. With that said, the Trooper is basically a Rambo story set in Star Wars universe(or Delta Force Op, if you will). It is, arguably, kinda low brow and simple, but it requires an odd amount of lateral thinking to make sense of. A weird combo that should be fixed. Still, it feels VERY fulfilling to do, there are HARD choices to make(not even Agent has this many) and you ultimately save the day by kicking the *** of the Empire. And by defeating their Kane(basically). What an awesome story.

Smuggler: It is a bright, funny and wholly uplifting story. Played LS, you end up as some kind of Han Solo / Robin Hood mixture that manages to fix everything he touches. There is a nice twist with the Senator there(very human and uplifting) and ... it just makes you feel alive. At least it makes me feel alive. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I am just not certain whether I should put it or the Trooper on #1.

Knight: A basic Luke Skywalker story. It is very emotional, action oriented and, with my mixtures(some DS choices), a very rational and almost realistic story. It is basically KoTOR 3 and it shows.

Bounty Hunter: Like I said before, Amstel of SWTOR stories. There isn't anything particularly good, but there isn't anything particularly bad either. Or the equal number of those two. I mean, it is here because I've complaint about all the following stories and here they amount to "boring Taris". And fugly Mako hairdo(that crow's nest of her hair ).

Jedi Consular: I mean, it is nice and uplifting how humane and friendly it can be,'s too philosophical. And it's too slow of a burner for me. And although the emotions here ARE present, they are present in some kind of a subdued manner(nevermind the voice acting). I much prefer the open version of Smuggler or Trooper and the like. Plus, the mostly serves its philosophical purpose. It's not terribly interesting. As isn't the story itself, tbh.

Sith Warrior: I despise Act III of this story because of two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to break free(..."my chains are broken", yes?) and to witness how resourceful MY CHARACTER is. After 2 full chapters of basically being a slave / gopher, I couldn't wait for Baras to betray me(honestly, they waited too long with this). But! Lo and behold, you are YET AGAIN a slave / gopher(this time for the Hands). And ultimately, for the Emperor. I didn't sign up for any of this...slave stuff. And, concerning Emperor, I happen to think that dramatically it makes the most sense if he died during the battle for Dromund Kaas. Jedi Knight, yeah. But! The SW story counters that HARD and I dislike that very much. Other than that, it does have kinda mediocre crew, but nothing that bad. Tbh, I don't know whether I should put the SW or the JC on #5. I put the JC because it didn't spoil anything.

Imperial Agent: More on its quality below. I just don't like how "nothing's as it seems" and "everything changes constantly" and "a Cabal that manipulates even the Emperor's moves(lol)". It's also too cold, too calculating and to groveling, sniveling and the like(male VA doesn't help). I just seriously don't like this one.

Sith Inquisitor: A tripe. The quality of this is **** and I don't like it one bit. I've experienced more emotions on Ord as a Smuggler than I've in FULL TWO ACTS of Sith Inquisitor. Mostly because he is a fool that baits the every trap and the story still tries to portray as some kind of Machiavellian mastermind in lieu of Palpatine(lol no, not nearly). I mean, SW is a better INQUISITOR or Palpatine than SI is. SI is basically a Sith Ritualist or Sith Cabalist. Pointless and with a COMPLETE hand holding: Are you so cunning that you procure the vaccine on Balmorra by manipulating Bessiker and the Doctor etc? No, Bessiker tells you what to do from a-z then you go, do it, get your vaccine and...derp. You are more of a Captain Caveman than a Palpatine tbh. >.>
"I am not in this for politics, nor the wanton destruction, hell not even for credits. I have chosen this way of life because of the hunt and because it was pushed onto me on some ugly slimeball called a "pearl" and Honour bound me to this path ever onwards" Caelestinus

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04.10.2017 , 07:27 AM | #233

1. Imperial Agent
2. Sith Warrior
3. Jedi Knight
4. Smuggler
5. Bounty Hunter
6. Trooper
7. Jedi Consular
8. Sith Inquisitor


1. Agent has the most choices. It has the most elements of the real story. Hell, it could be its own game! Of course it deserves the #1! I'll not go in depth, but what you can achieve with this fantastic.

2. Warrior has a very good writing that is actually intelligent. And while I think that Baras should've betrayed you sooner, it doesn't fit either hi character or the circumstances to happen earlier. There is a LOT of freedom here too(except for the Act III...why is that?) and objectively, it deserves #2.

3. Now, someone could switch the places of SW and JK, I fully understand that. This story is also fully fleshed, but it does allow you significantly less choices than the previous two. All of these three stories could be their own games which is HUGE! It's just...this story feels kinda forced compared to the previous two(aforementioned lack of real choices).

4. Smuggler, is actually a very intelligently written story. It actually surprised me at the amount of choices presented to you. The characterisation is just fine, but it does feel like a significant downgrade from the first three.

5. Bounty Hunter, the Amstel of the galaxy far, far away. I've already commented on this, but Act II feels wasted, there are a lot of nonsensical, forced choices(Gault, Skadge etc), but there are also GREAT moments(the finale with the Chancellor, Tarro Blood etc). The thing is, Act III is basically Act I revisited, so it isn't actually that great. Belsavis Smuggler hunt is actually the same as the part with Gault, Voss is like a lesser version of Alderaan and Corellia is...unfulfilling and like a planetary version of the Aurora. As I said, Act I revisited.

6. Trooper, could be #5 just fine. I know its weaknesses and its strengths, I already commented on that a great deal elsewhere, so I won't repeat myself. I just don't understand why the rampant dislike for this story. Really, why?

7. is too blah, blah, blah. The DS playthrough isn't fully finished(wrong references etc), so it is the only story that practically FORCES you what to play. It is also too...out there and philosophical and the changes between acts feel...contrived and sharp. Especially between act I and II. But even II and's it that space Jesus with Hadokens who can crush 5m thick Duraplate(or maybe Quadranium lol) doors(!!!) couldn't feel who the traitor was? /meh

8. It is a fail. I don't want to even talk about it that much, but i completely misrepresents what you should be doing, how you should be doing it and the whole circumstances. Thanaton hates you because...Zash? But Zash is no more! Because of tradition? lol. There are no real choices between "out of my sight" and "mwuhahhaha DIE!". Just compare the exile of that noble in SW Alderaan and the usual SI choice outlined up there. lol. The actual QUALITY here is VERY LOW. And it could've been such an awesome story...meh. But you can play as a bumbling one line quip character who talks about the ice cream and the starship captain dreams. But then again that does not fit the story's tone. If a Smuggler said that, I'd lol, roflmao <3 <3. But SI is not a Smuggler, far from it. Hell, even BH is better at it and its story is more suited to it. ... ... no comment.
"I am not in this for politics, nor the wanton destruction, hell not even for credits. I have chosen this way of life because of the hunt and because it was pushed onto me on some ugly slimeball called a "pearl" and Honour bound me to this path ever onwards" Caelestinus