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The fate of Command Boosts, Tokens, and CXP Packs in 6.0?

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The fate of Command Boosts, Tokens, and CXP Packs in 6.0?

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08.11.2019 , 05:04 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Rolodome View Post
One of the most blatantly "push it over the edge into ridiculous" aspects of the GC system for me was the inability to stack things. Can't stack boosters, can't stack crates, can't stack CXP consumables. And to top it off, the "one at a time" opening of a pack with room for a maximum of 10 items.

It's like it went straight past "accidentally poor quality of life" and right into "intentionally trying to make life more difficult."
I think they are more focused on making it as flashy as possible with sound effects. Psychologically, that makes it more appeasing to open, hence more people buy them.
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08.12.2019 , 12:50 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by AlCiao View Post
So last I heard:

Command boosts will be converted to renown boosts, and thus still useful to hold onto.

Command tokens will be converted into creds at a not-too-favorable rate.

Consumable CXP Packs will be converted into creds at a not-too-favorable rate.

Is this still the plan as far as we know? I'd like to go ahead and use all my cxp packs now, and spend all my command tokens to stock up on command boosts for conversion into renown boosts, but I'm afraid that the devs might backpedal on their stated plans.

How likely do you think the devs are to backpedal on their plans here? Would hate to have spent all my command tokens on boosts, for boosts to suddenly get converted into creds, and tokens still be worth something after all.
A name change and it made an optional means to acquire gear, ranks will remain but tiers will be removed and the chance of getting better quality gear will increase a little as a part of "play your way". It is all there in the livesteam a few weeks ago on twitch. GC is going to become RC in about a month from now if the september launch window is accurate.