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Struggling to get new gear and unsure of what to do!

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Struggling to get new gear and unsure of what to do!

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12.12.2019 , 01:26 PM | #21
On the plus side, once you get one toon to 306, you can get the rest to 306 in a matter of hours.

Most gear will drop at equal or better gear level to what you're currently wearing, so if you have all 306 gear, you will get mostly 306 gear drops. They are legacy wide, so toss them in your legacy storage and grab a low geared 75 and slap them on.

Rinse and repeat for all your other toons. No need to gear each one from scratch.

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12.12.2019 , 04:52 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by CprlKlinger View Post
make sure you're using your tech pieces at the vendor on the fleet to get gear, too. the unidentified gear vendor 100% of the time gives upgrades. I believe most are at 375 tech pieces, with mods, armorings, enhancements, barrels, and hilts at 175
Upgrade is NOT guaranteed, though the majority of the time it will be. I got a modded belt rated 287 (288 armor + 286 mod) while my iLevel was 291 (the belt I was trying to upgrade was 290 non modded).
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