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Please swap the Rakghoul event requirement for Kindly Old Monster

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Please swap the Rakghoul event requirement for Kindly Old Monster

Silicon_Dragon's Avatar

06.15.2019 , 09:01 AM | #1
My Agent's main companion was Dr. Lokin, and now he's gone. I started the quest to reacquire Lokin, but I've been stuck waiting for the Rakghoul Invasion event for over 2 months and it's still not listed on the Events page. Instead, there are TWO Pirate Incursions!

Look, either give us a Rakghoul Invasion EVERY month, or swap it for the Pirate Incursion which you guys seem to love more than peanut butter, even.

Better yet, let us complete the quest through ANY monthly event.

Best yet, remove the Event requirement altogether, swapping it for something GUARANTEED to occur in a timely manner.

irrevelant's Avatar

01.02.2020 , 05:04 AM | #2
How about sending us to Taris to get some special sample from some special cave? It has plenty of Rakghouls regardless of faction anyway.

phalczen's Avatar

01.02.2020 , 05:47 AM | #3
The events cycle over an 8 week rotation now. Bounty is this week, Dantooine the week of Tuesday Jan 14, Gree the week of Tuesday Jan 28, and Rakghoul - Alderaan Tuesday Feb 11.

EDIT: When there were only 3 recurring events instead of 4, it went through an every 6 week cycle, so its never been monthly. I agree its a little frustrating to wait longer, but at least you can plan around that schedule. It is older content, and I realize there are some returning players for whom it isn't old, but because the recurring events are tied to Conquest, I don't expect it changing any time soon.
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