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United Forces: Will the merging decrease the number of decorations?

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United Forces: Will the merging decrease the number of decorations?

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10.15.2017 , 02:02 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by EHKodiak View Post
It's fine as it is.
It definitely isn't for me or others in my situation, but I can understand that it is fine for someone who is not affected by this.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mireleni View Post
If with the elective server transfers, they had said, "If you transfer characters to a new server, they do not get any of the decorations you have unlocked," then there would be no issue adding together decorations from legacies that are getting merged with the server mergers. But that didn't seem fair at the time for people who wanted to switch servers, so they let them copy all their decorations to the new server. They couldn't allow decorations with server transfers to be additive, since then someone could copy a character back and forth and increase their total decorations (the total increasing as a fun example of a Fibonacci sequence). So they took the highest number for each decoration between the origin and destination server.
Thanks for pointing this out. I never used a server transfer so I didn't know (and didn't care) that the decorations were copied in the process. It now makes sense to me why they are not just adding the numbers, but it still feels unfair for me and others who never transferred a character.