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Class Changes: Arsenal Merc / Gunnery Commando

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Commando / Mercenary
Class Changes: Arsenal Merc / Gunnery Commando
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06.16.2017 , 03:47 PM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by Preminous View Post
The thing that irritates me...

DPS output and survival stuff only matters to PvP.

So we're going to nerf a class so it's not as good in end game content raids...because PvPers don't like it. Outstanding.
DPS output and survival stuff only matters in PVP?? What game are you referring to exactly?
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06.16.2017 , 03:51 PM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by Eloi_BG View Post
Actually, yes you can, cause in PVE, defensives (especially trauma regulators) don't affect he DPS at all. This is a wave of PVE changes. This change won't have a big impact at all in PVP. They are nerfing the sustained part of arsenal (blazing bolts) and not the burst (heatseaker, rail shot, priming shot), which affect PVE more than PVP. Their choice of ability nerfing is good (though a bit too big, I know I'm repeating ).

Once again, even as someone who PVEs more than he PVPs (I do both), I agree PVP changes are a bigger issue rn (well except sorc DPS), but we gotta give them what they ask for, which is "What do you think of the DPS changes" and not "Do you think we should nerf trauma regulators"
OK I think nerfing dps is unnecessary and will hurt pve since the population of good dps is already low and making arsenal mercs like marksman gunslingers will kill even more. I've said everywhere that I have no issues with their damage output.

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06.16.2017 , 03:52 PM | #103
Quote: Originally Posted by FerkWork View Post
Oh they certainly were being carried by both other classes and the fact we are in quite overgeared for the current content. To say they aren't would be silly.
Marksmanship is completely fine for brontes. Can't say anything about lightning, I don't play it. But please refrain from insulting my spec. Arsenal will probably be falling at around 8k for the highest burns after the nerfs.
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06.16.2017 , 03:53 PM | #104
Quote: Originally Posted by Ottoattack View Post
Except that the balance goals dont balance s**t.

The damage adjustment down puts merc nearly 15% off top pasrers in PvE. Just like lightning and MM, no one will play them in PvE at all. This is most definitely not within the already way too wide theoretical gap of 10% proposed by BW.

This has been mentioned million times now, arsenal over performing issues are ONLY related to DCDs.

These changes can only be described as dumb.
They deserved to lose the surge bonus like every other class did in 4.0, but that's the only right move they made here. Unfortunately that does nothing to address the issues of their overperformance in PVP, and will just reduce their DPS performance in PVE.
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06.16.2017 , 03:55 PM | #105
LOL all the folks that can't read, they aren't going to touch utilities in 5.3 they said it already they are only doing this:

"Before we dig into the details for any Classes or Disciplines that will be seeing damage or healing “nerfs” in 5.3"

One question I have Keith or Eric this post is based on Arsenal Merc / Gunnery Commandos specifically.

Riddle no longer improves Unload

Rotary Cannon no longer improves Full Auto

Riddle - Increases the crit hit chance for Unload, Blazing Bolts, and Priming Shot by 5%.

Unload is replaced by Blazing Bolts at lvl 58 so is it mostly just a correction and not really a so called nerf or are they removing Blazing Bolts and Priming shot as well?


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06.16.2017 , 03:56 PM | #106
Arsenal merc is the new lightning sorc GG biofail

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06.16.2017 , 03:58 PM | #107
Yeah what people said, by nerfing damage u made them less useful for PVE but didnt fix the PVP issue, so its like u didnt do anything at all!
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06.16.2017 , 04:01 PM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by ArhatMax View Post
But you should to delete the nerf Target Tracking / Deadly Cannon from the list, please.
I really hope that you will hear this cry of the soul.
No, they deserved to lose that. Every other spec in the entire game lost that well over a year ago in 4.0. Arsenal was literally the only spec that kept it. I don't agree with the rest of the DPS nerfs to mercs, but that one was a long time in coming. They've been throwing around 35K+ heatseekers like M&Ms in 5.0, there is no reason only one spec in the game should be doing crits like that under the current climate conditions.

They shouldn't have touched the other DPS aspects they did or the energy, they just should have addressed their Godly DCDs and heals.
~ I am Grim.

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warrico's Avatar

06.16.2017 , 04:43 PM | #109
I might be understading this wrong (I dont see how, but k)

caps so devs might care or understand. Its hard to understand feedback unless its screaming in ur face.

sidenote: sorc/sage heal has been insane since 3.0 so why do I bother. They either dont care or they really have no idea what to do.

EDIT: this is for pvp. I dont pve, so I have no idea how that is (but even if dps is insane in pve it doesnt excuse the lack of PVP changes )

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06.16.2017 , 04:45 PM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by K_osss View Post
I'm concerned that the survivability of Mercs/Mandos in PvP which was not addressed will still remain drastically higher than other classes. I believe the Merc/Mando survivability rather than damage is the main complaint against them. The fact that survivability doesn't factor into your balancing (per the balance post from earlier) is very concerning. It's critical to compare how classes survivability stack up against each other.
They said they're adjusting damage first then defenses
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